sexy texting free sex sessions

Sexy texting isn’t a new offering, but it is new to me! After taking a year off for a much needed sabbatical, I’ve decided to come back for 2024 for all my pets and fans to have the opportunity to get their kink on. And one of the things I’m doing differently is offering sexting sessions via SKYPE! I’ve been having an amazing time these first few days back and many of you have asked me to take my sessions quietly.

Privacy is Key with Sexy Texting

Imagine yourself in a situation where you might be in public, or you aren’t alone at home, and your cock needs some attention! Obviously, the first instinct is to find somewhere private to give your favourite cock control Mistress a call, but that’s not always feasible. If you have SKYPE, or the ability to join a secure and private chatroom, you are perfect for a sexy texting session! You can purchase your session directly from the website, check on my availability, or read about all the other Mistresses that are available for fun, private chats!

Sexy Giveaways

To encourage you to take advantage of our sexting offerings, I’m running a special for the month of February. All sexy texting sessions of 20 minutes or longer are eligible for some free sexy texting! The breakdown works lke this:

20 – 30 minute session = 5 free minutes
31 – 45 minute session = 10 free minutes
46 – 60 minute session = 20 free minutes

You can use those minutes during your session or save them up for a future session! Every session during the month of February that uses our sexy texting option is eligible!

Let your fingers do the talking!