So you have likely been browsing my website and now you want to obey your Mistress. Maybe I’m away from the phone, and you need a little release. It’s okay. that’s why I created this little game for you. I want you to amuse yourself while you wait for your Goddess to return and tease you once again. Also, (side assignments) check out my blogs if you haven’t already, and email me to let me know you are playing my game!

We are going to play a little game. This game is a dice game so if you don’t have a dice at home then I recommend searching for a 6 sided dice application online. They are free to use and there are lots available, so no excuses! You will also need a stopwatch or a timer, though I guess you can count if you are good at keeping time 😉 Also, Lube!

The rules are simple. I assign a task to a number. When you roll the dice you take on the task that corresponds with that number. You are not permitted to roll again, nor will you be able to forfeit your task.

Stroke For Me – JOI Dice Game

For this game keep your underwear on. You can pull them down slightly to gain access when required, but do not remove them completely!

#1 – Rub your cock over your pants for 60 seconds.
#2 – Lightly squeeze your balls 5 times.
#3 – Starting at the base of your shaft, apply firm pressure, stroking the entire length for 60 seconds.
#4 – Give me 10 quick pumps, focusing on the upper third of your shaft – right under the head.
#5 – Apply some lubricant and massage it in slowly for 30 secs.
#6 – Freestyle for 30 seconds only. Do what makes you feel good, but don’t go over the time limit!
***Roll the dice until you achieve satisfaction… It might take a while, so I am hoping that you enjoy edging!

More Assignments/Games

Mistress Says

‘Mistress Says” Humiliation Game 

You have heard of the game ‘Simon Says’ right? Well how about a game of ‘Mistress Says?

Surrender to me in a little game of ‘Mistress Says’. Listen carefully to my instructions and avoid punishment. This game contains aspects of humiliation, BDSM, Nipple and ass play as well as CEI… If these are not your thing then this game isn’t for you. If you long to be at my feet and pride yourself on obeying without question then I would love to play with you! If this sounds like fun to you, you can purchase the MP3 here.