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Pop in your earphones and get ready for a purely pleasurable experience! I absolutely love recording audios and enjoy taking requests for any custom audios you may enjoy! My audios are always crisp and clear and fully immersive. I can take you deep into the scenario of your dreams.

Ever wondered what it would be like to shower with me? How about coming along to a slumber party with me and my girlfriends? A fan of ASMR or trance? With the use of exceptional recording equipment, sound effects, and audio editing, you will really enjoy the amazing results I can achieve. I have an extensive sound library and can add a variety of effects, pretty much anything your little heart desires! Contact me: for more information.

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Do you want the full experience? Visit my audio store and see what I have to offer! Be sure to check it out frequently, as I upload new arousing content every week!

You can find all of my full MP3’s for purchase, along with their samples HERE. You can also find details on my Store page Here.


As many of you know I’m a musician/composer, so me and my band decided to have a play around and created this one for Enchantrix Empire! Enjoy!



Sissy Slumber party (Full Free Audio)


Big Black Cock Craving  (Teaser)


Small Penis Humiliation (Teaser)


A Sissy’s Wish – (Teaser)


Cuckold Taster – (Teaser)


Suck For Me – (Teaser)