Welcome my Pet. If you’re into erotic audios then you had best prepare yourself for the most incredible ‘aural’ experience of your life! As well as being a very talented Femdom, I am also highly skilled in scripting and writing the perfect erotic story! Each script is meticulously crafted to ensure every naughty detail has been uncovered! Once the writing process is completed, then comes my favourite part – the recording process. 

Being a Musician I have an excellent home studio set up where I work on bringing these erotic stories to life in full colour! I have a selection of microphones and so I can easily switch between intimate story telling, roleplay scenarios WITH sound effects and ASMR style audios too!

Custom Audios

 Custom audios are very special. They are unique to you and your specific arousal triggers. One of the reasons I love working on custom audio projects is the reaction I get when my client first hears it! The work and effort I put in to each project is extremely detailed. I get your exact vision for your perfect audio and work along side you to ensure you will love it! 

Custom Audio Pricing

Purchasing A Custom Audio

If you would like to order a custom audio then you will need to send the following information via email – ruby@enchantrixempire.com

  1. Your script or your specifications for my scriptwriting service (providing as much detail as possible). Your desired Audio style – Narration, ASMR, Trance/Meditation, or Roleplay. Your desired audio length (pricing as above). Plus any extras if required, such as additional voices, sound effects etc.
  2. Once I have received this information I will look over everything and ensure I have all I need to get started. I will then email you to confirm your project and the cost, sending a payment link for you to complete your purchase before I begin working on your audio.
  3. You can expect digital delivery of your project via email within 5 working days of your payment being processed. If you would like it sooner, this will increase the overall cost of your audio by $50.00. This is for a 3 working day turn around.

*Please note: It is not possible for me to deliver any custom audio faster than 3 working days. This is due to the amount of work that goes into each one.

Audio Samples

Warm Champagne

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

Spanked By Phone

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

ASMR (headphones are required)

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

Women Of Zavthak (Giantess)

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

I will Ruin You (sample)

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

Hot Wife BBC Cuckold (sample)

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix