My Audios

Get Ready For A New Audio Experience

Pop in your earphones and get ready for a purely pleasurable experience! I absolutely love recording audios and enjoy taking requests for any custom audios you may enjoy! With state of the art equipment, a professional set up, and a decent amount of audio engineering experience, I can truly bring your fantasies to life. My audios are always crisp and clear and fully immersive. I can take you deep into the scenario of your dreams.

Ever wondered what it would be like to shower with me? How about coming along to a slumber party with me and my girlfriends? A fan of ASMR or trance? With the use of exceptional recording equipment, sound effects, and audio editing, you will really enjoy the amazing results I can achieve. I have an extensive sound library and can add a variety of effects, pretty much anything your little heart desires! Contact me: for more information.

Not Just A Pretty Face

Audios can get a bit technical and a lot of effort goes into the work I do. I take pride in creating the best files possible, to ensure you get what you are looking for. I’m not just a pretty face, I am an artist. I take pride in my work and expect the best for myself and my clients. Stay tuned for more audios as I update these regularly and will continue to add to my sample collection, for your enjoyment. Plus, I do enjoy teasing you!


Sissy Slumber party (Full Free Audio)


Big Black Cock Craving  (Teaser)

Small Penis Humiliation (Teaser)


A Sissy’s Wish – (Teaser)


Cuckold Taster – (Teaser)


Suck For Me – (Teaser)