So sometimes I theme my blogs around your questions, demystifying kink and giving you my best tips on how to explore your fantasies, but this time I wanted to do something different. This time I wanted to sink my teeth into an interesting roleplay that I had the pleasure of acting out last week, and I think it ties in nicely with the Halloween theme.

A special thank you to a special client for inspiring this blog – you know who you are! 😉 If you are reading this, then I hope you enjoy!


Batguy Vs The Spyder Seductress –

The city of chaos

Darkness closed in around the city, extinguishing any trace of daylight until the sky was that of a black velvet backdrop to the harsh mechanical city lights. It rained heavily, refracting silver beams of moonlight with each drop. The rain was so intense that if you were to walk outdoors, you would struggle to see any more than a foot in front of you. This was the norm here. The city never saw sunlight; not since the day it fell to the corruption of The Spyder. The city was lost. The Spyder and her minions had destroyed what was once a beautiful and bustling metropolis. The people no longer knew their own names, let alone what it was that brought them happiness.
The Spyders reign began with a simplistic yet ambitious idea to block out the suns rays. She had been gathering her strength, recruiting minions to work in her underground lab for over a year before making her move. Even some of the world’s most prestigious scientific minds had fallen at her feet. With their knowledge and expertise she built a barrier to shield the city from the sun. The trees and plants that once framed the city were left to rot. The people of the city were all under the control of The Spyder. All except one man…
Batguy had been lurking on the outskirts of the city for weeks. His luxury home along with all his worldly belongings had been ransacked by The Spyders henchmen. She knew that without somewhere to train, Batguy would struggle to formulate a plan. Without his gizmos and his tech, there was no way of him being able to put a stop to her cruelty. He couldn’t return to that dump. It was now a burnt out shell. Nothing but broken glass, graffiti and smashed stone. His once stunning home, now a startling reminder of The Spyders influenced and power. He had no one to turn to – nowhere to go. The only solution was to face The Spyder alone!

Into The Webbed Forest

The dark winding path through the forest of webs was his best bet. The minions would be much less likely to use this path – they usually emerged from the sewers, returning to the lair through the city drains. Crawling in the squalor was much more their style, and The Spyder encouraged it! They were her mindless goons, their very lives devoted in service to her. The city belonged to them now, and it was a dump! She ruled with an iron fist and she adored chaos.

It had been a while since Batguy had stepped foot into the forest. The lush greenery had perished, cocooned in thick grey webbing – The Spyders calling card. The sound of rotting earth moving loosely under his feet turned his stomach. With every few steps the webbing would stick to his shoes, holding him in place until he finally managed to remove it. “So this is why no one comes here!” – he thought to himself as he dislodged the tangled grey sludge from his left heel.
After a mile or so, untangling the webbing under his feet became easier. He moved much more quickly through the endless webbed wasteland. Not a a single sound could be heard other than the low thud of his boots into the mushy earth. Not a single bird flew overhead, this made the forest feel even eerier than normal. Without the sun, nothing could possible survive here. “She will pay for this!” He exclaimed. clenching his right fist tightly as he picked up the pace. The great cave was now in sight, and an encounter with The Spyder was imminent.

Spyder Bites

The entrance was menacing, rising 50ft above the ground it made Batguy feel tiny by comparison. Total blackness engulfed him as he took a few steps inside. The sound of water dripping from Stalactites echoed throughout the cavern. His own footsteps began to startle him as they too echoed through abyss. He paused, reaching down into his left boot for a small torch. He flicked the switch on the side, illuminating the path ahead.  His shadow danced on the walls around him as he began pointing the torch in all directions. The darkness was scary but there was something even creepier about seeing his own shadow.

It took him back to the very first encounter he had with The Spyder. Her name was Ruby Rae back then. A young woman of exceptional talent and skill. No one knew what it was that had driven her mad. Some of the people gossiped that Batguy himself was to blame. That they were once close and he broke her heart, but Batguy knew these were just rumours. The truth was, they were never close. Batguy was always far too invested in saving the city from other evils, and now he had finally met his match!

Before he could solve the puzzle of where everything went wrong, Batguy looked up to see a huge open space. This area had been cleared for a purpose and Batguy had no choice but to cross over to the other side. He knew this would leave him open to attack, so moving quickly was his goal. With long stealthy strides, Batguy began to cross the floor. He had barely reached the middle of the room before a thick grey web was thrown over him from the blackness above.

“Did you really think you could enter my domain without my knowledge? You’re stupider than you look!” 

The Spyders voice was penetrating. Batguy tried to break free of he webbing, but her voice was weakening him somehow. The more he struggled, the more helpless he became.

“Now, “Batguy” it’s time to show you who is really in control. And something tells me you are going to like it here! Pick him up and strap him into my wheel!” 

Batguy felt his body being lifted from the ground, his hands and legs spread eagle and hoisted up into a wooden wall mounted wheel. As the restraints were tied tightly a female silhouette approached. The sound of her heels cracked against the caved floor as she came closer to inspect him.

“D’aw, do you want me to let you go huh? Haha! We both know you want me to keep you here. Maybe you can tell me something? Why is it that super heros always wear these extremely tight outfits? Doesn’t leave much to the imagination does it? Maybe you can explain to me why your cock is hard huh? Haha!” 

As he looked down between his legs he could see that he was in fact aroused.  He knew he was no match for The Spyder and her feminine ways. No matter how much he tried to fight it, it was no use. He was weak and he belonged to her.

“I could ruin you Batguy. I could keep you tied to that wheel for days. I could edge you for days. You want that huh? You wanna feel my nails sink deeply into your skin? You wanna feel me press my body against yours? Hahaha – Oh look at that, you’re leaking already! I don’t have to touch you to tease you, I know exactly why you came here and stopping me wasn’t part of your plan…” 

To be continued…..


So that is it guys! Hope you enjoyed my little story! I’ll have more for you soon so stay tuned for that. If you wanna experiement with some roleplay fun then you can find my schedule here.
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