So, as many of my regulars know I am getting hitched to the love of my life this coming summer and I cannot wait! We have chosen a beautiful forest location and it is going to be amazing! And seeing as I have had so many requests from cucky’s & sissy’s alike to get involved in my special day,  I have created a bridal shower wishlist so that you can do exactly that! 🙂

My Bridal Shower Wishlist

I’ve got my wedding dress, clutch and shoes, but I’m still missing a few items. I decided to make a special bridal wishlist for anyone wanting to spoil me for my big day. I am still needing a bridal robe, a slip, a garter and some lace lingerie, all of which can be found on my new list! 🙂

There are also a couple of evening gowns on there for the evening party, as my main dress will not be suitable (the train is pretty huge).

My Wishlist

Are you a Cuckold?

If you have enjoyed my previous content on cuckoldry then giving you the opportunity to purchase my bridal lingerie is very exciting! You see, before my wedding I am actually going to be abstaining from orgasm for 30 days. This is a personal choice, and something that I am very much looking forward to doing. 

Can you imagine how worked up I am going to be on my wedding night? How creamy my panties are gonna get from the anticipation of my husbands big thick cock? My pussy will be tingling all day, in the panties that you bought for me! And later on, my husband will have the pleasure of ripping them off! 

You’ll never get that privilege – but purchasing my bridal lingerie for him to enjoy is fucking hot! 😉

My Wishlist

Calling All Sissy Bridesmaids!

I would love to have you all at my wedding, helping to dress me, pampering me before walking down the beautiful forest path. Even though this is not a possibility, you can still help me to get ready!

There are some pampering / makeup products on my list for you to consider gifting me. Anyone who takes the time to gift me on my special day will certainly be on my mind as I get ready in my bridal yurt! <3