Those that have already dipped their toes into cuckold waters will know the intense buzz it offers, but what happens to a relationship after the fact? Can things ever return to normal, and more importantly, would you want them to? Many of my subs have experimented with cuckolding, and one thing is for sure – the cuckold addict is very real! 

Thinking About Taking The Plunge? 

I always advise my clients to think very carefully about what it is they are seeking before they begin discussing cuckolding with their significant other. As an experienced femdom I have seen my fair share of dysfunctional/broken relationship dynamics evolve from cuckolding fantasies; approaching the situation carefully could mean the difference between a successful introduction of this kink or a break up. 

So What Is Cuckolding? 

In a nut shell – Cuckolding is the desire to witness your partner fucking another man. Now, there are many other aspects to cuckolding than one might wish to explore such as fluffing, which we will not go into here. That will be for another blog. 

Sometimes cuckolding can be restricted to conversation only. For example – instead of watching your wife in action, she may come home from a night out with her girlfriends and tell you about details of an encounter with another man. 

It is generally accepted that the wife is free to do as she pleases, though some ground rules may be set in place. Most arrangements begin with mandatory use of condoms – for good reason. Some cucks express their wish never to witness their wife with another man and instead wish to talk about the details during sex. Some cucks can only get off when they are able to watch and even participate. 

There are an endless number of arrangements that could be considered cuckolding, so for now, we will leave the definition as per above. 

Start Out Slow

When you realise that cuckolding is your thing, it may be easy to get carried away. This is exactly why taking things more slowly is the more sensible approach. There are a few things I recommend doing before chatting with a partner about the possibility of introducing cuckolding. 

Watch pornography and learn what it is about cuckolding that appeals to you. Understanding which aspects you enjoy and which aspects you’d rather leave out is something many cucks rarely take the time to understand. Taking the time to figure this out will be very helpful for you.

Once you have figured out what you like, ask yourself – “Do I want the Fantasy or do I want something more real?” This is not going to be an easy question to answer, and if it is then you’ve likely experimented with this before. In order to accurately answer this question you will want to think about your personality, more specifically – your reaction to jealousy. Yes, cuckolding is hot, but it does cause jealousy and it will bring up uncomfortable emotions. If you can handle that then you can move on to the next tip. 

Once you have given it a lot of thought, it may be time to bring it up with your partner. There are many ways to do this, but as I have never met you or your partner, it is safe to say that the best approach is something you will need to think about carefully. There is no guarantee that this new kink of yours will be received well. Though some women would love to get a free pass from their hubby, others may be offended by the idea of you wanting to share them. So really take the time to figure this one out!

Fantasy vs Reality

So you’ve followed all three steps and your partner wants to give it a go – awesome! What’s next? This is the part where boundaries are typically discussed. Make it clear what you want but ensure you get honest feedback about her thoughts too. Remember, when you pull a partner into your fantasy you are no longer in control. Understand that once a cuckolding relationship is initiated, the dynamic is likely altered forever. The cucking itself may not last forever, but the experiences you have will inevitably shape your future perception of the dynamic as a whole. This is one of the trickiest parts of cuckolding. Making everything very clear from the get go and being honest with one another is crucial to sustaining a successful relationship! If you are unsure about the sort of rules to set in place, see the bottom of this blog for my rule recommendations. 

With fantasy cuckolding, things can be completely tailored to you. No need to think about any potential complications, all you need to do is immerse yourself into the fantasy. One way to do this is to explore pornography, but the best way is to pick up the phone and discuss your desires with a femdom! I love creating detailed roleplay scenarios based on cuckolding and can definitely provide a safe way for you to explore your cuck fantasy without any of the strings or hang ups. And the best part? You control the narrative. You get the exact experience you crave! 

My Rule Recommendations: 

These rules are based around the assumption that you have followed the steps above and that your partner is down for the ride! I am also assuming that you wish to pursue an active role, instead of just being told naughty details by your partner. 

  1. Condoms MUST be worn when engaging in sexual activity with anyone else. This is really a no brainer if you want to reduce the risk of complications.
  2. You will search for a suitable bull together. The term bull is used to describe the guy that your partner will be “involved” with. Finding someone together is not only safer, but it also allows you to be involved in the entire process – which is much more exciting. 
  3. You both agree to meet the new guy in a non-sexual setting first! Going out for coffee or a drink will allow you all to establish your compatibility, as well as removing any time wasters, or creeps. 
  4. Your partner will only engage in sex with another man when you are present. I have seen so many cucks get upset due to them being made redundant in a dynamic of their own design. If you want to be involved at all times, make this very clear from the get go!

With these rules in place your relationship will have a better chance of working out any cuckold teething problems. Feel free to add your own when discussing this with your partner. 

Will I Become A Cuckold Addict?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Cuckolding can be very intoxicating and addictive for many who experiment with it. The only way to know for sure how you will respond is to try it out! I’ve seen so many clients get completely hooked on it, to the point where they can no longer get an erection unless they are talking about their wife getting pounded by another dude. Seeing their partner enjoying another mans cock is incredibly arousing and a pretty hard thing to top! Approaching your potent cuck fantasies with an experienced femdom first is an excellent way to get started!

Cuckold Audio Fun

I have a steamy BBC cuck audio that can be found HERE. It is hot as fuck and helps to immerse you in the hot wife/cuck fantasy. If you are looking for something custom Made I can totally do that too! Just drop me an email and I will get back to you with a price for your custom cuck audio!

Have a question about cuckolding? Hit me up via email ( and we can arrange a session to discuss your personal cuckolding fantasies! 

Until next time my pet, 

Ms Ruby

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