Looking for a different kind of present this Christmas? Read on if you want to discover more about the ways in which Ms Ruby hopes to celebrate, as well as tips on how you can bring a little bit of cuckold fun into your life!

Christmas confessions

Last night my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Now, usually I hate this question. I’m the sort of girl that likes spontaneity and surprises, not to mention the effort that goes into choosing a perfectly fitting gift for someone special. Though it did get me thinking…

Most of my clients know my decadently devious ways. Some of you have confessed to me in great detail about your unique and delicious fantasies. Phone sex is an amazing tool for opening up and revealing our true nature. What we desire. What we yearn for. 

Revealing and exploring ourselves is what we need. Even a well versed phone sex mistress enjoys the intoxicating feeling of being totally exposed. Don’t get me wrong, I love control, but I love to seduce and entice in a way that is unforgettable.  In my experience, you cannot do this without giving away a piece of yourself. Laying yourself bare, and relishing in the afterglow of being worshipped for what you truly are. 

So anyway, as I was saying – my boyfriend asked me the question. I thought for a time on my answer before responding. Being the kinky bitch that I am, my train of thought automatically takes me to the latest sex toys I want to try out (finally got a Hitachi vibe, special thanks to my client & friend Lexi for that one), or maybe that incredibly luxurious underwear that I have wanted for months. Then it hit me; what I really want… 

All I want for Christmas is a cuck!

It is always assumed that men have a higher sex drive than women, but I beg to differ! For me sex is something I need daily to feel satisfied and happy. And although my partner and I have an incredible sex life, I have always wondered what it would be like to have him watch.

Like I said, I enjoy the art of seduction. Teasing is my favourite way to make a guy crazy. I have always enjoyed putting on a show for him. Maybe a private lap dance, or strapping him to a chair and stripping my clothing slowly, making him weaker by the minute. But how amazing would it be to seduce two men at the same time? This is what I want for Christmas! 

Cuckold Fun – A Womans Perspective

Now, this isn’t about inadequacies in performance or size, though your fantasy maybe based around any of these. Cuckolding a partner with a small penis is something I have done in the past, and something I needed to do to ensure I was receiving the kind of pleasure I deserved. This time it’s about getting the sort of cuckold fun I want and deserve as a desirable woman.

So, I told him. I didn’t beat around the bush with my answer. His response left me in total shock. Instead of him palming it off as a joke he actually admitted that he had been having his own cuckold fantasies! He wants to see fuck with another man, and has been thinking about how to proposition me for some cuckold fun for months! 

This definitely got me thinking about how most people keep their most intimate fantasies to themselves.I wouldn’t have guessed that his private sessions were inspired by the thought of me on all fours taking a nice big cock from behind, right in front of him. 

What does your wife want for Christmas?

If we were all honest, I think we would likely admit that there is something we have been yearning for. Maybe that little cuck fantasy you have been thinking about has been on her mind too…

Maybe the thought of being watched makes her hot and horny. Most women enjoy being lavished in attention, being the object of intense sexual desire for their partner, not the mention the other hot guys she encounters during her day. Cuckold fun  is an idea that incorporates so many different fetishes and kinks, and you maybe surprised how common these fantasies actually are!

How to tell if your desire for cuckold fun is mutual?

It’s true you can’t really blurt it out without testing the waters first. You don’t want to offend your partner, do you? Luckily my partner has a really good sense of humour and would have been unlikely to become jealous by my request, but that’s not to say your partner won’t take your offence to your suggestion. 

So here are my 5 tips to help you find out if your wife shares your cuckolding fantasies! 

  1. Assess your current sex life and relationship.

Is your partner generally adventurous in the bedroom, or would you say your sex life is somewhat vanilla? If your partner is quite shy I would say tread carefully. Though don’t rule the possibilities out based on this alone. The kinkiest women I know, are often accused of being shy or quiet in day to day life! Also, communication is key. If you are not used to talking about your desires, it might be a good idea to start slowly. 

  1. Get her turned on

The best way to get someone to open up sexually is to get them worked up. I know I’ve said some things in the heat of the moment that I would never in a million years have said in the cold light of day. 

Set aside a night where both of your schedules allow for some quality time together. From here you can create your ideal night! Plan it a little bit in advance. Think about what she enjoys in and out of the bedroom. For most women, arousal is a mental thing. Try to incorporate all of the things she enjoys. A little effort goes a long way! A home cooked meal, a clean home, some candles in the bedroom, oh, and don’t forget to put on that aftershave she likes! 

  1. Play a game

There are lots of kinky games for couples, most can be found in sex shops, but you can always create your own. Kinky versions of popular games like Never Have I Ever are a perfect way to introduce questions in fun, non judgemental way. Plus, it’s a really good way to get to know someone better! 

  1. Dirty talk

One of my favourite things to do during sex is to get my partner even hotter by saying all of those naughty things that I usually keep to myself during the day. Not only is this cathartic, but it also allows me to introduce ideas and feel my partners reaction to them in real time.

One way you could encourage this is to tell your partner how amazing she is in bed, and if you are confident enough, ask her to tell you about her hottest hook up with another guy, whilst you are going at it! Depending on how she responds to this, you can usually gauge if a cuckolding scenario is a possibility. Don’t get upset if she doesn’t want to talk about it. You want to make this a positive experience where she feels relaxed, so don’t make her feel pressured in any way! 

  1. Honesty is the best policy

So this one really only applies if you know your partner will react in a positive way. If you have an amazing relationship and your communication is excellent, you are possibly in a situation where you can entertain this idea. The way you bring this up is key. Don’t just say “Hey honey, I was thinking, I really want to watch you get it on with another guy.” 

Tact is everything, even if you are pretty sure she will love the idea. Wait for the right moment when you are both in the mood (if you know what I mean). Then tell her what’s on your mind. It helps if you make it about her and not so much about you. For example “You are so beautiful and I am such a lucky guy to have you.  You deserve to be worshipped like a goddess. I bet a lot of guys would give their left leg to be able to caress your body!” 

This would instigate a conversation around your fantasy but by saying it this way, you are making it about her pleasure as well. Obviously being sincere when you compliment her is important too, so taking the general idea and putting it into your own words is something you should do if you are thinking about going down this route. 

Considerations when entertaining cuckold fun

Before you even start implementing any of the tips above, you need to assess yourself. How are you going to deal with any potential jealousy? This will arise at times and you need to know how are you going to handle it! It’s no good thinking about this after the deed is done. 

If you are the sort of person that hates hearing about her ex, chances are a real life cuckold scenario isn’t for you. Some fantasies are perfectly fine to have in your head, where you can control them more easily. 

If you want to explore it further but don’t want to go all in, there are a few things you can do to have some ‘safe’ cuckold fun! 

  1. Become your own voyeur

Lights, camera, action! Staring in your own home made porn can be super sexy and fun for both of you! You can even angle the camera to film yourself ploughing your partner from behind without your head/face in the shot. This can help your solidify your fantasies a little more, without any jealousy. When you watch it later, you can imagine it is someone else screwing her. 

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall

If homemade porn isn’t your thing, a mirror near the bed is the next best thing! If you haven’t watched yourself fucking your partner in a mirror before, then you are definitely in for a treat! It is incredibly sexy and allows you both to see angles that would normally be hidden from your line of vision. What you think about when watching is completely up to you! That’s the beauty of imagination.

  1. Role play

This is one of my favourite tools in my arsenal of seduction. Become the ‘other man’ in your very own role-play. Think about your cuckold fantasies and bring them to life!

Arrange to meet her at a bar, ensuring all of the details are sent to her before hand. Tell her to dress sexy and provide her with details of your fictitious character. Ensure she plays the part of herself. This sort of arrangement is so much fun and can be an experience both of you will love!

The great thing about role-play is it allows us to experience a novel scenario, which is always exciting. You can open up about wanting cuckold fun, or even keep it to yourself, disguising the role-play solely as a way to spice up the relationship. Stay tuned on my blog for further articles and tips on this topic, it is definitely one I use a lot in my personal life!

I hope this blog helps you to get some cuckold fun this Christmas! Feel free to drop me an email or call me if you have any questions or just want to chat! I love to hear from you all.

PS- you can find my phone sex schedule here.

Until next time pets, 

Cock Domme Ruby xoxo