Have you ever wondered how you would look if a Mistress took control and introduced you to the most feminine, elegant version of you? You have yet to meet her, but she is there, waiting to be discovered… My Digital Femme Makeover Package makes this possible!

Beauty – In The Eye Of The Beholder?

When the beholder is a creative Femdom with the ability to digitally transform your appearance, then you will see your inner Goddess shine through too! 

Let me show you. The below photo is an example of my ability to digitally transform a face. Try covering half of the face with one hand and take a good look at the before, now switch… You see it?

The Digital Femme Makeover

I have not altered the shape or size of any facial features here. All I have done is added digital contouring, false eyelashes, lipstick, blush, gloss, eyebrow shaping, eyeshadow, eyeliner and a wig. But what a difference it makes! I have carefully selected colours to suit the existing skin tone and eye colour. The wig frames the face and covers the lower jaw, making the face appear far more femme. It is amazing what can be done with the right products and style!

Result: A Real Life Transformation

Not only do I create a stunning full Digital mock up of your new look, but you will be taught how to achieve the look in real life with a 500 word assessment of your current make up look complete with full online beauty item shopping list (with links) to renew your makeup kit. This will ensure you have the correct products to transform your appearance at home! 

If you are looking to freshen your look and reveal the most gorgeous version this package will inspire you to do exactly that!

Want A Gorgeous Online Dating Profile Picture?

Are you out and trying to date? Let me use my skills to create a beautiful picture for your dating profiles! This will enhance your confidence and chances to get out there and find some fun! My beauty assessment and personalised make-up shopping list will help you get ready for your first date too!

What I Need From you: 

x1 front view natural selfie (no make-up)
PLUS x1 front view selfie WITH make-up.

I need both of these to assess your natural beauty AND your current make up skills/colour choices etc. Feel free to wear a wig in both shots if you would like. You will need to be clean shaven, as removing this for your digital makeover would be very difficult. Pictures should be taken in natural light for the best possible outcome. Do not apply any filters. The more natural they are, the better!