Edging Fun

So this week it’s all about edging! I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume a degree of knowledge in the subject on your part. If you don’t know what edging is then I’ll eat my hat. I don’t actually own a hat, but I would eat one if I had one! 

Unlike the style of my first two podcasts, this isn’t a detailed 101 session. Instead I decided to make this more of a discussion about my personal experiences with edging, as well as the experiences of some of my callers. Not only is this entertaining for you, but if you have been playing around with edging, then this may give you an idea as to whether you are good at it, or if you need to step up your game! 

Are You Weak Or Impressive?

I guess the best way to find out is to ask an experienced Mistress… I am here to let you know whether your edging skills are noteworthy or not!

For the 5+ years I’ve been doing this I have build up a very good idea of the edging average. Anything that falls below this certainly needs improvement! Check out my graph of dicks below to find out where you are currently and to determine your next edging goal! 😀

My Personal Edging Experiences

Well, I guess if you wanna find out about my own experiences with edging you will need to tune into my Podcast! Plus, there may or may not be a little improv style jingle in it for you! 😉

Win A Free 10 min Call!

 Do you have what it takes to beat my current PB of 34 edges?! If you think you can then I wanna hear from you!

To enter you must purchase a Skype session with me and you will need to be visible on cam! How else will I know if you are actually edging or not? 😉

If you last the full 35 edges before blowing your load then you will receive a free 10 min session with me. This can be redeemed as an add on to the paid session or as a separate session for another date.

Have any questions? Email them to ruby@enchantrixempire.com


Want a session? 

You can find all the information you need to arrange your very own naughty session with me HERE

I have also included a Kink Menu. So if you are unsure as to whether I cater to your specific needs then you can check that out! 

I can’t wait to push you to your limits and put you to the test! Teasing is one of my passions and I would love to see how much teasing you can handle!