Fem Dom. Adult Entertainer. Sexpert. Therapist? Whenever I talk to my friends about my job they always have their own ideas about what it involves. Usually I get a mixture of reactions from hysterical giggles, to deep expressions of concern. Disapproval is something I have to regularly contend with, but I will say that regardless of what others think, I absolutely adore my job, and here’s why…

It’s Not What You Think…

Picture being in my shoes for one day…  Sure, you can try lingerie on in the mirror between calls if you want to; but try to imagine what a job as an online domme maybe like. Chances are if you’re reading this you are thinking it must be a dream come true! And for the most part, it is… Not because I can play with my sex toys whilst I work (which I totally can by the way), but the trust and bonds I create with my clients are beyond incredible! I get inside the minds of strangers, exploring the stuff they keep under lock and key. Once they realise that I am someone they can confide in, they become my friends.

Phone Sex Is NOT Sleazy!

This is a conversation that often crosses my path when people in my life find out about what I do. “I could never do that because it’s just sleazy!” they say… The reality is that phone sex allows a healthy expression of deep (sometimes repressed) desires. I 100% support emotional expression, regardless of it’s form, and sex is something that invokes pretty powerful thoughts and emotions, that some people have difficulty understanding. Exploring these on the phone with someone who is knowledgeable and impartial maybe the healthiest thing to do! Not to mention the fact that most of my clients feel completely liberated afterwards.

It’s Not All About SEX!

When I got into this lifestyle I never thought in a million years that I would be a shoulder to lean on for so many people around the world. In my personal life I have a therapist who knows about my job and we sometimes discuss what my work entails (never mentioning specific clients or names of course). She has told me time and time again that I should maybe consider training to become a therapist, as a lot of our day to day tasks seem to be identical, minus the making guys cum part he-he! Turns out much of this job involves being a compassionate and understanding listener, probably not what you expected, eh? So who knows! Maybe training as a sex therapist is in the cards for me!

Trust Works BOTH Ways!

If you are lucky enough to become one of my regulars you will know that I do share a lot of myself in our sessions. That is to say, I don’t play a character or a role at all! It takes time to get to know someone, and when I reach that point where I am relaxed and familiar with you I will talk about my own desires and fantasies. I love all of my regular callers and all of the wonderful aspects of their unique and beautiful personalities. There is never a dull moment in this gig and I am glad that I get to know so many of you so intimately.

Kink Is My Thaaang

When it comes to figuring out what you want to do for a living, you need to consider a few things… What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about?  And my answer to all of those questions – KINK! I love sex. I love fun. And kink is all of that and more! So before I get labelled as ‘that girl with a sleazy job’ I would say – This is what I love, and I would advise those people go find what they love and pursue it with unwavering persistence! I’m just lucky that I have found my dream job! <3

That’s all for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below, ya’ll know I love reading those! If you want to book a session with me – here’s how!

Until next time pets,