Kickstart  your feminization journey with a bunch of awesome tools and packages available in my new store! I am so excited to announce these products and thrilled to be able to offer my expertise in a very practical and real way! Get ready for your femme fab journey!

Feminization Tools

So if we’ve ever had a femme session together you’ll know that I take a very holistic approach to everything I do. Your femme journey strategy  should incorporate multiple angles of attack – ensuring you have the best results possible.

It can be easy to focus solely on the aesthetics and physical transformation, that many often neglect the mindset. If you want to succeed, this is the key! You must train your mind and the rest will shortly follow. 

I have spend the last few months crafting some very useful tools and packages to help you with all aspects of your new femme lifestyle!

Everything from Femme Affirmation journals, clitty shrinking programs and makeover packages! I cannot wait to share this journey with you! Are you ready? Let’s do it! 

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Until next time Pets – XOXO

Ms Ruby Enchantrix