Ms.Ruby offers a practical guide for those wanting to discreetly explore and enhance their feminine side. This blog will delve into all of those subtle little touches that can be implemented to provide you with femme luxury on the down low. Whether you are loud and proud, or take a more cautious approach, this blog is sure to give you some new tips and maybe inspire a few ideas of your own, nurturing the glamorous life you desire and deserve.

What it means to be femme

For some it is about the curves, aesthetics, clothing, the little details in make-up application, accentuating the eyes and lips. A perfect blow out, voluminous locks and a flawless complexion. For me, however, I would say the most dazzling and stunning quality is confidence. Confidence is attractive on everyone, but femme confidence is more than that. It’s intoxicating and bewitching. Work on your confidence, and achieve what you desire!

Femme Confidence

How do I develop my femme confidence you ask… Well, for this we need to dive a little deeper and think about self image. I don’t mean the image you see in the mirror, I mean the mental picture you have of your persona compared with your ideal self. We all have goals for our ideal self, but some of us can struggle to manifest this by focusing on restrictions. For example, you may feel like there are a lot of obstacles, preventing you from achieving what you want. These obstacles maybe real, however, there are numerous ways to getting what you want, and this guide is here to help!

Why explore femininity?

Why read this article? It’s pretty clear that if you are reading this you are drawn to something. You maybe aware or possibly just curious. I think femininity offers so much more than just a pretty dress to put on (though admittedly that part is incredibly fun). It offers a different perspective on emotional understanding, depth and empathy. There are so many reasons to explore the more sensitive aspects of yourself, and many many ways of doing so.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to explore and no two are identical. My first tip of this article would be to set aside a little time, maybe 20-30 mins and have a think about what femme luxury means to you and why you want to explore it further. How far do you want to go? What is the end goal? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, they are there as a guide to help you find what you are looking for. Feel free to make notes, spider diagrams or, for the very visual – make a dream board. Use magazine cut outs to make your very own collage of inspiration for your journey. This can be anything you want it to be, so dream big!

An Individual Approach To Femme Luxury

Now you have an idea of where you want to go, we need to work our how you are going to get there. Every situation is going to be unique, but that’s what makes us interesting, our differences. Depending on where you are with your journey the answer will be different, but let’s assume you are a complete beginner.

So, you’ve been curious for a while, maybe you’ve tried on some panties and you enjoy the feel of them on your skin. You want to take this further but your family wouldn’t really understand. You decide that you wish to keep things discreet. Many people do, and there is certainly nothing wrong with it. It’s all about what works best for you! So, you want to know how you can pull this off under the radar, whilst still nurturing your inner femme. You’ve definitely come to the right place!

My Top 10 Tips For Femme Luxury On The Down Low

This list is very multi-dimensional and takes a rather holistic approach into exploring femme. Not only will you benefit physically but on an emotional and psychological level too!

#1 Mindfulness and meditation. Meditating can be a powerful tool in helping you to focus, realise and achieve personal goals. That dream board you made earlier is going to come in handy here. Take 10-20 mins each day or as often as you can to meditate on your goal. Think about how you would look, act and think in your femme mind set. Would you walk differently for example. What sort of things would you tell yourself. Do you visualise someone classy and glamorous or blonde bombshell? I always enjoy using floral essential oils when I meditate. Maybe get some lavender or rose oil to get you in the mood. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

#2 A well deserved bubble bath. No one enjoys a good soak more than I do, but there is something very sensual and luxurious about taking a nice long bath. Spend 10 mins before hand ensuring the bathroom is clean and ready. Grab some candles (preferably scented), some scented bubble bath or maybe even a glitter bath bomb (if you can get away with it), and create a decadent atmosphere. If you are home alone maybe get your favourite fashion magazine to flick through. Pour your favourite beverage and treat yourself to some nice fresh strawberries (or any other fruit you enjoy). Put on your favourite girly playlist and chill! I always make sure a nice clean towel is on a hot radiator ready for when I get out. Also, if you have a bath robe, make sure this is clean and nearby. Slippers are handy too!

#3 Body Lotion. This can add a little more oomph to your bathing rituals. Get yourself to the store and pick out a nice neural lotion or something on the slightly floral side. Coconut is a great one! But choose something that will make you feel like a goddess when you apply it. After your bath apply liberally to your entire body (not including your face). Take special care to slather lotion on the more tough areas (knees, elbows and foot soles etc).Be careful not to slip on the floor. I can’t recommend slippers enough!

#4 Perfume. This can be tricky to find a scent that is discreetly femme, but it can be done! I would advise going for something quite neutral if you are aiming for discretion. Nothing too sweet, unless you are comfortable with that of course!  There are plenty of female fragrances that have a more neutral undertone. I would recommend a trip to a fragrance store. You can usually pick up free samples to take home and try out too! You don’t need to ask the assist for help, but if you do want help and feel a little embarrassed you could suggest you have a female friend who is not into sweet scents and see what they could recommend.

#5 Hands and feet. Take a look at your nails and be honest. Could they do with a bit of a pamper session? If so you could either opt for a professional to do this, or you could DIY it! You don’t need a full set of acrylics to get that femme feeling. I would recommend a mani and pedi session. Nail cleaning, shaping, buffing and a nice clear coat of  polish to get that ultra clean feel! Oooooh, don’t forget a generous blob of hand lotion to finish off! PERFECT!

#6 Body hair management. Now, unless you can get away with it, this doesn’t mean, getting rid off all your hair. Yes, having perfectly shaven legs would make you feel more femme, especially in combination with the above tips, but this article is about discretion. So, a nice timely grooming session maybe in order. Have a look at what you’ve got going on. If you have back hair for example, then a waxing session is perfectly feasible. Crack hair? No problem, they can take care of that at the same time. Figure out how far you are willing to go with this one and create a routine for keeping yourself well groomed!

#7 Complexion. Now if you aren’t already, maybe it’s time to start a new skincare regime. Skin care is important for everyone! I never leave my house (come rain or shine) without some form of UV protection and a nice moist barrier between me and the elements! Dry, tired, dull skin just won’t do, and it’s so easy to avoid! No excuses! Get yourself a facial sunscreen (the type for your body isn’t suitable for the delicate skin on your face), and a moisturiser suitable for your skin type (more on this in my next blog – so stay tuned). Apply after washing your face first thing and reapply as needed throughout the day. Et voila! Beautiful, soft, glowing skin! Prepare to be complimented.

#8 You are what you eat. If you’re the type of person that pulled a funny face when reading the bit about eating fruit whilst bathing then sister, we need to have a talk! There is no getting around it. If you want skin that glows you need to get your fruits and veggies in. The more beta-carotene your diet contains, the better your complexion! The most stunning women in the world usually take their diets pretty seriously, so depending on your goals it maybe something to work on. Try reducing the amount of processed food week by week, and eating as much fresh produce as possible. You’ll thank me when your skin looks like you’ve reversed time itself! Trust me!

#9 Gym Time. Yup, that’s right! Time to get those spandex leggings on and work that booty! Well, the spandex isn’t a requirement, but if you want to, then I’m not gonna stop you! Focus more on cardio over weights, and don’t be afraid to get your sweat on! It’s healthy for your circulation, promoting healthy skin, nails and hair. Plus, if your goal is to shed a few pounds, then you are well on your way to smashing it!

#10 Femme Luxury – The Final touches. So you are looking after your body with good nutrients, a gym routine, a solid skin care regime and you indulge in pampering and preening yourself to perfection on a regular basis. What’s next? Well, everything else! The sky is the limit and there are still infinite options in continuing with your journey. Depending on your goals, a plan can be specifically tailored to your needs and tastes. Feel free to reach out to me personally for a telephone consultation or a Skype session. You can contact me via email – should you wish to connect and discuss your desires further. Alternatively you can check out our Sissy school circuit training program where a number of Mistresses (myself included) offer their own unique training methods. Have a little look around and see where it leads you.

Recommended resources

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Enjoy your journey to femme luxury!

Until next time pets,

Ms.Ruby XOXO