Firstly – I have a little present for my callers! Here is an original song I wrote inspired by my naughty edging / ruined orgasm sessions with you :p

Ms Ruby – Cum Again (Don’t) Original Chillout Pop Song


If there is one thing I enjoy more than tease and denial it’s finishing a long session up with a nice ruined orgasm. Seeing a fully grown man yelp in desperation is a sight to behold, and I personally relish in the experience.

What Is A Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is the result of continuous stimulation, building up to the point of climax, then removing all stimulation at the crucial moment where ejaculation is inevitable. You still experience the mild relief that comes with blowing your load, but the euphoric pleasure of orgasm is absent.

There are many ways to achieve a ruined orgasm, but here in this blog I will go over the basic method.

Why Ruin A Good Thing?

Well, you maybe wondering, why would anyone want a ruined orgasm in the first place. And that is a good question. The truth is the are so many unique answers to this as it all depends on who you ask. I tend to find ruined orgasms work exceptionally well as a fun power exchange tool, but there are a few kinks such as tease and denial that team up nicely with a ruined orgasm. Cum eating is another kink that can compliment the ruined orgasm, adding a little more leverage to clean up the mess before the grand finale.

Some are looking to experiment and want to experience something different – so they ask for guidance on how to achieve a ruined orgasm.


Yes, there are benefits to ruined orgasms. The main one in my opinion being that I can keep his attention transfixed on me, even after ejaculation. Another benefit I have found is that subs tend to be far more obedient, which is a benefit for me as a Mistress. Utilising the orgasm as a reward for good behaviour whilst still being able to drain a subs balls over and over is a fantastic tool for compliance.

I have also heard anecdotal claims from clients that suggest they are more productive and more energetic in their everyday lives when the pleasure is removed from their ejaculation sessions. I am not sure what a ruined orgasm looks like on a brain scan but I would guess the release in dopamine would be much lower. The lower the spike of dopamine, the less chance of a dopamine crash. So it would make sense that some guys feel more productive when comparing with a regular orgasm.

And if that’s not enough, I have even successfully trained clients to be better lovers. Instead of focusing on their own pleasure they are trained to give until their partner is satisfied. By combining ruined orgasms with teasing and edging, I can train a sub to hold off on cuming for longer durations, which is an added bonus for any of his sexual partners.

How Can I Try It?

While you can do this at home yourself, I would highly advise you seek out a Mistress to guide you through and hold you accountable. It can be all to tempting to continue stroking when it feels so good. Even some of my most disciplined clients (highly experience in long edging session: 3-5hrs+) are not always able to hold back. So that should give you an idea of how challenging it can be.

Fancy An Audio Session?

You can find my Ruined Orgasm For Beginners Audio Here. With over 18 minutes of naughty fun, it’s a steal for only $24.99! I challenge you to give it a try and see if you can obey my instructions. πŸ˜‰ Β If you successfully complete it feel free to reach out to me via email and let me know how it went (

Ruined Orgasm For Beginners Audio Sample


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Until next time pets,

Ms Ruby