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Well, I guess making mischief is nothing new where I am concerned, but I gotta admit I LOOOOVE IT! I really wanted to give you all a little update and let you know what you can expect from me in the coming months as well as new offerings and plans I have in store for my loyal subs and new callers alike!

Sharing Is Caring

So as many of you know, I enjoy my privacy and I have never really been one to put out regular photo content. Now, don’t get me wrong, as a Mistress I NEVER take orders! I’m the one making the demands, and it’s gonna stay that way, So don’t go sending your requests just yet! But, every now and then I get prezzies. A lot of my regulars send VB’s (virtual bouquets) or Amazon giftcards which almost always go toward some naughty sex toy or sexy lingerie (click here to see how you can indulge your Goddess) And in the spirit of sharing, it may just be worth following my Twitter page! I will be posting regular outfit/lingerie pics on there so you may want to check that out!

Twitter: @EnchantrixRuby

Now this doesn’t automatically mean you are entitled to photos from me if you send me a gift. Entitlement won’t get any subby very far in the eyes of a Mistress. Got it? Cool! 🙂

Rewards & Perks

I’ve decided that I want to reward my regular clients with some extra little treats. I love spending time with my subbys and the more time I spend connecting with you the better! This is why I came up with the following reward program. See below for details!

I am beginning this reward program from the 1st October and it will run each month from that point forward. I will be keeping an eye on our sessions together and will let you know if you are entitled to any of the perks mentioned above. The rewards are only accrued for the minutes spent with me. I will include double Mistress call minutes toward your total, but the free call will be with me only. This runs on a month to month basis. Minutes will be added up from the beginning to the end of the month to work out your rewards for the following month. Free calls will need to be scheduled in advance and MUST be used before the following month ends.

For example – If you do 180mins of session time with me (total) from the 01/10 until the 31/10, you will be entitled to a 25min free Skype call and a 15min custom audio the following month. These must be claimed between the 1st – 30th Nov. The call will need to be scheduled at a suitable time for both of us and the specifications of the audio must be sent to me as quickly as possible in order to secure a place in my busy audio production schedule. If these are not claimed within the set time period, then perks maybe lost. This would be entirely at my discretion. Please keep in mind, as I am based in the UK, evening/ late night appointments will not be possible. Calls will need to be scheduled between 4am – 2pm EST on week days. I can also offer weekend appointments if required, please ask.


New Caller?

As October is my birthday month I am offering all callers new to me a 5 minute free Skype call session. You will need to book/pay for a minimum of 10 minutes in order to obtain a further 5 mins free. This applies to Skype calls only! Please hit me up on Skype or via email to arrange your session! If we have spoken before, regrettably this deal won’t apply, but you can still benefit from the aforementioned reward program! Check details above to see how you can obtain a free call with me!



Have any questions or comments? Leave them below or feel free to email me – ruby@enchantrixempire.com. Skype ID: live:enchantrixruby

Until next time pets,