October has to be one of my favourite months of the year! Dark mornings, pumpkin spiced lattes, soft thick duvets, home-made soup with warm fresh bread, icy morning jogs,  and not to mention – Halloween/ my Birthday! Now I get to combine all of those things, along with denying you! I can’t think of anything more perfect, can you? Actually, I can… How about the thrill of two experienced Mistresses, teasing you throughout your chastity journey? Curious about our Locktober Training? Read on.

Double the Fun

Behind the scenes of LDW, you could say us Mistresses are pretty friendly with one another. In fact, we have been know to get a little bit flirty amongst ourselves. Being highly attractive, highly sexed females, experienced in so many aspects of kink.  You can probably imagine the types of conversations we have with one another. Mistress Delia and I have been discussing our views on chastity and we are so in sync, that we thought it would be a shame not to indulge in our love of teasing you this Locktober. This is why we have teamed up to create the most immersive chastity training program out there.  Why have one Mistress kicking your ass, when you can have two? Double the attention, double the intensity, double the fun!

Locktober Training Goals

For this month, our goal is to get as many strokers locked in chastity as possible. If Chastity is something you enjoy or like the idea of, then be sure to check out our 31 day course Here. And if you’re really keen, why not schedule a double Mistress call with us, so that we can oversee your locking ritual and discuss your personal goals associated with chastity. We can address any questions you have, giving you the best advice possible, helping you move forward on your journey. Maybe we’ll even give you a little tease before locking you up – If you can handle it, that is.

31 days of Chastity With Ms Ruby & Ms Delia

Our 31 day locktober Training program has been developed to help those curious about chastity find their feet, however, any experience level can benefit from this course. The audio training aspect of the course is an invaluable resource to help anyone who is experimenting with chastity. You will have daily assignments to complete, as well as email check ins with your Mistresses on a regular basis. You will receive as much support as you need to reach your goals and over 100 mins worth of Audio training, including tracks to relax, tease and train you. Even though this is a Locktober special, the beauty of this course is that it can be started at anytime of year, just allow 31 days to complete it. For this month we are offering it at a cost of $99 (worth $250), this is highly discounted and is for a limited time only.


What are the benefits of chastity?

The benefits are countless, though the main ones are – increased self discipline, increased productivity, more energy, improved mood regulation (due to reduction in spikes of dopamine), increased appreciation for simple pleasures, deconstructing counter productive habits, increased stamina/endurance in the bedroom, increased sexual satisfaction with a partner.

This is all new to me, but I’m curious – can your course help me to increase my locking time?

Absolutely! That is what we are here for. If you have dabbled a little, or just reading about it and would like to try it, I would say this is the best place to start! Feel free to reach out to myself and Ms Delia in an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am very experienced in Chastity, locking up regularly – How will your course assist me?

There is always more to learn, and sometimes starting with the basics is the best way to break bad habits. We have recorded over 100 minutes of audio training for this course. Regardless of experience, we know chastity has is down days, so our audios will help give you that much needed motivational boost when you need it! Assignments make you accountable, and you will be fully supported throughout!

I am tempted, but don’t own a chastity cage, can I still do your course?

This is not a problem at all! If you plan on purchasing a device, we can assist regarding the types of chastity cages and you can start the course once it arrives. However, if an actual cage doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle or budget, we have ways of working around it. The main thing about chastity is the symbolism – what it represents. You could use a ribbon or a piece of string tied around your cock as a way of reminding you that you have committed to the program. Or pop on a ring or bracelet to reinforce your promise to refrain from stroking. Whatever works best for you.

Do I have to be in chastity full time for 31 days? I don’t think I could manage that.

Not at all. Our course is designed to build up over a 4 week period. You will be encouraged to wear the device for a small amount of time to begin with; working your way up as we progress. This can be tweaked for the more experienced clients, but in short – no you will not be in constant chastity for 31 days.

What is your training style for the course?

Our training style for this course is very holistic. We take a very broad view of what it takes to achieve goals in general  and these certainly apply here! Though we are Mistresses, we show both strict and nurturing qualities during this program. Ensuring you feel cared for, whilst still being pushed in the right direction.

If an assignment does fit my schedule can it be negotiated?

Of course! Whilst in an ideal world we would love nothing more than 100% compliance, we know this is not always practical. If you have an assignment that isn’t sitting well with your schedule, we can certainly take a look and re-arrange things a little to suit your needs.

Do I need to call you during my training, or can I just purchase the course and work through it?

We do recommend double mistress calls during the program, however, they are optional and not completely necessary. The benefits of speaking with us during your journey are numerous, however, if you feel happy just to follow along with the calendar and audios, that is perfectly fine too.

How can I contact you to enquire?

You can get us on ruby@enchantrixempire.com & delia@enchantrixempire.com. Be sure to send this to both of us 🙂

When are you available?

You can find my availability here and Ms Delia’s here. If you would like to arrange a double Mistress session, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate.