Who doesn’t love free stuff? “I hate free stuff!” – Said no one ever! 😀

Starting today (16/06) I am giving away 10 minutes worth of free chat time to every client who books 30 minutes or more on Skype.

The great thing about this offer is we can do a chat session, we can do sexy texting, or I can even watch you perform on cam! That’s right, get your frilliest panties on and strut your stuff for me you slut! 

This session is going to be an epic one, so have a think about how you would like it to play out and email me the details –  ruby@enchantrixempire.com Or add me on Skype: live:enchantrixruby

I know you won’t be disappointed and I will thoroughly enjoy teasing you to bursting point!

What can we talk about?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Those of you who know me know I am into a wide variety of kinks. I’m an adventurous gal and I want to explore all of those naughty fantasies you keep to yourself. We could use this opportunity to get to know one another more intimately. Maybe I’ll even push those boundaries a little and get you begging for things you never thought you would want… Oh yes, I do like to tease and torment my subbys, mwahahaha!

What time will you be available?

Well you can find my typical schedule here. Most of you know I am based in the UK, so I tend to work early mornings to mid afternoons, however, I am happy to try and accommodate providing my schedule allows for it. Just let me know the date and time (in EST time) via an email or Skype message and I will let you know if I can schedule it for you.

This is a limited time offer and will end on Friday the 19/06 at 3pm (EST). 

So come keep me entertained, you know you want to!