So, I often get asked by some of my girlfriend callers what products I include in my personal beauty regime and so I thought I would make a little blog on my top 10 femme products – be sure to add these to your Christmas list!

Luscious Locks

My hair is very important to me. Though I am a natural redhead, I do add a Ruby tint on top to give it a more vibrant red colour. This leaves my hair a gorgeous shade but can also leave it open to damage. This is why I pamper my tresses with the right shampoo and conditioning products. So here are a few of my must haves!

For shampoo I invest in 1.)  Faith In Nature Rosemary Shampoo. It is a little pricey but it is totally SSL & SLS free, cruelty free and smells incredible. They offer numerous scents, but I use the Rosemary specifically for enhanced hair growth purposes. Yes, there have been studies conducted that show Rosemary oil when applied to the scalp can combat hair thinning, and this is why I select this particular one!

Conditioner is one of those things I change up every now and again, though recently I have discovered my absolute favourite –  2.) Like A Virgin nourishing hair mask By Coco & Eve. I use this every other day to maintain incredibly soft locks. The product is pretty expensive but well worth it!

So even though my hair is naturally curly, it still needs a little bit of TLC when it comes to styling. This is why I use 3.) Umberto Giannini – More Than Moisture Hair Cream. A little goes a long way here so I just add a tiny dab, rub it between my fingers and work it into my towel dried hair just before styling! It give me those frizz free curls and adds definition and volume too!

Back To Basics

Believe it or not, I have had a lot of skin problems over the years and am finally able to say that my skin is the clearest and calmest it’s ever been!

My skin is a little on the dry side, so I find exfoliation very helpful in removing any flakiness. I love 4.) Cup O Coffee by LUSH. The texture is incredible and if you use it first thing in the morning it will give you that wonderful scent of fresh coffee in the shower!

For my cleanser I tend to switch this up. At the moment I am using something called 5.) Mother Nature Cleansing Facial Gel. I like to use products that are ethical and effective. For dry skin it is super important to use hydrating products. I look for cleansers that are mild with a nice dose of Hyaluronic acid to plump my skin and give me that fresh faced feeling.

I also enjoy a spritz of facial mist after workouts the brand I use is 6.)Super Facialist Rose Mist It is incredibly soothing and adds a wonderfully refreshing boost to my skin. I try to use this stuff instead of over washing my skin. I find that when I over wash my face I break out more often. Allowing the skin to build it’s natural barrier back will allow more protection from any impurities settling on the skin.

Make Up Favourites

So for me, makeup is one of those skills that I never stop researching. I actually have a background in special FX make up training and this carries over into my personal life. it’s been a few years since I’ve been in the studio, practicing on models, but my love for make up have never left.

My personal tastes vary from day to day, but I love a timeless natural look. Everyone can benefit from a sheer, luminous glow and when I leave the house for my morning run, I always add a little bit of tinted moisturiser. I use (7) Green Me by Kiko Milano in light beige. It honestly gives me that little boost in radiance and confidence and is light and airy, I hate that pore clogging feeling, so this is fantastic!

When I am prepping for a dinner date or an evening out I tend to go big or go home. This is where my glam side is unleashed and it’s a lot of fun! When training to become a MUA they always teach you that you have to choose, between playing up the lips, or the eyes… This is one thing I have never agreed with. Just look at Marilyn Monroe – ruby red lips and eyeliner to the high heavens! This is what I love about make up – drama!

Which leads me to product 8.) Luxie 3D Lashes . These are perfectly fluttery and light. I never buy the massive ones – I don’t like the spider eye look myself. These are natural glam and also cruelty-free. They look real, and no-one questions if I have falsies on. This is exactly what you want when wearing lashes!

Speaking of eyes, no glam look would be complete without a perfectly winged eyeliner. I am in love with Kat Von D make up products and her eyeliner is flawless! Product 9.) is KVD Tattoo Liner. If you want that intense glam look this this is definitely a must have!

And what product list would this be if I didn’t discuss lipstick?! One of my favourite brands and colours of all time has to be 10.) Barry M Lip Paint – Heartbreaker. It glides on beautifully and leaves me feeling fabulous! Don’t forget to line those lips before hand though!

So there you have it! All of the products that I have loved using this year!

As always I hope you enjoyed my blog, feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I will respond as soon as I can! What are your favourite go to products and why? I can’t wait to find out!

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Until next time,

Ms Ruby x