My Availability

To submit a request contact me directly via email:

Connecting with me

Give Dispatch a call on 1-800-601-6975 ask to speak with Ms Ruby.

Alternatively you can click the ‘click to call now’ button located in the top right hand side of any page on my website. This button will also display my phone status: Available, On The Phone, or Away. If I am available you will be able to call through straight away. If I am on a call, you can select for me to call you back as soon as I am done with my current session. However, if I am away, please refer to my schedule above, or see below for further details.

When I am available, you do not need to seek permission to call me. If you wish to let me know your requirements for our session then by all means, drop me a quick message. However, if you are wanting a session and see me available, I urge you to take the opportunity then and there. You will see that I am usually a very busy lady and sometimes it is difficult to get through on the line. My advice? Grasp the opportunity with both hands if and when it presents itself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

Skype, Sexting & Email packages

I also offer Skype sessions add me – Ruby Enchantrix, however, I do not always see messages on Skype, so in addition to adding me on Skype, please contact me via email Don’t have Skype? No problem! In addiction to the above options I also offer discreet sexting email packages, email me to discuss further.


All appointments need to be booked as far in advance as possible (usually 24hrs or more). Though there is always a chance I can schedule you in last minute, this is not a guarantee! Please email me to discuss and we can arrange something suitable for the both of us.


Your schedule says you are available, but I can’t see you online?

The above schedule is a rough guide to my general availability and occasionally it is necessary for me to work on other things. I am a session musician and composer, and though I try to stick to the above schedule as much as possible, it may be that I have something else to attend to. However, I will likely be around later in the day or make up the hours over the weekend. Usually I let dispatch know when I will be available next, so feel free to check with them.

Do you usually work in the week, I saw you on last weekend, but you aren’t available this weekend?

Yes, my usual schedule is Monday to Friday, though occasionally, I do like to become available over the weekend. This is not every weekend, and unless I have appointments booked, I sometimes decide to spontaneously indulge in extra phone sessions as and when I please, this is why you will sometimes see me available outside of my regular schedule.

Do I need to let you know about my fantasy before I call?

Not at all. The beauty of having an actual conversation with someone is that you can discover so much in a short space of time. I love getting to know my clients over the phone, and though you can email me to let me know what you are into, it is certainly not a requirement. You will be pleased to know that I take all calls, and I’m highly experienced, so don’t worry – I’ll take good care of you! 😉

*If you do choose to email me a scenario then please keep it within 300 words or less, this is plenty of slack to ensure your requirements are covered. Respect my time.  I have to put this out there on account of receiving 2,000+ word novels in the past. 

I saw your pictures and I’m curious to call you, but would like to hear your voice first. Do you have audios?

Yes I do, and I’m glad you asked! You can find some of my sample audios here. Being a musician has its perks, like a state of the art home recording studio, for example. Years of fine tuning my craft means I am able to deliver incredible quality audio files. If you are interested in having something made especially for you, then please contact me via email with your requirements and I will send you a price.