Welcome Pet. Below you will find details of my scheduled availability. You do not need to ask permission to call during these hours! Any time wasted on typing an email requesting said permission may well cost you the opportunity. Also, very rarely do I sit and stare at my computer screen for long periods of time. I am always busy doing something, and so your best chance of reaching me is to pick up the phone and call at the earliest opportunity!

If you see me on a session and would like to secure a place for my next session, then you can contact our dispatch team. They will be more than happy to arrange a call back for you! So all you need to do is sit back and wait for my call! 🙂

Please note: The times in the schedule provided below are all in EST.

The above is a general guide to my availability. In addition to my role as an Online Femdom I am also a Musician and Composer. Both roles require a level of time flexibility, and so I maybe unavailable when my time is booked elsewhere. I highly recommend that you follow me on Twitter to get daily updates! I usually post any temporary schedule changes on there! 


Booking An Appointment:

 Booking an appointment with me is very simple. 

1.) Email me – ruby@enchantrixempire.com providing the following – Your preferred date and time (converted to EST). It is also important to include your desired session length. **Please note, out of hours appointments must be a minimum of 30mins in length! Optional: Include any information about your kinks/interests.

2.) Once you have contacted me, please be patient. I require 24 hours notice for appointments on weekdays. If you email me during the weekend, I cannot guarantee that I will get to it before Monday morning.

3.) Once I have confirmed your appointment all that is left for you to do is show up on time. You will not be required to make payment in advance of the session date, but you will need to turn up 3-5 mins early to process your session payment with dispatch. Any no shows will be prevented from booking in advance. If you are going to be late you must let me know in a timely manner (within 30 minutes of your appointment time). I will wait a maximum duration of 5 minutes – after this your appointment will be cancelled and you will be unable to book any out of hours appointments with me in future.

4.) If for any reason I cannot confirm your desired appointment, I will make other more suitable appointment suggestions which you are free to accept or decline.

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