So as many of your know, we at LDW are hosting a Stroke-A-Thon event on September 18th that will push all participating strokers to their limits. If you think you can withstand the JOI of 10 Mistresses one after the other, then we wanna see you there! If you don’t think you can last then read on for some of my tips and tricks on how to enhance your stroking stamina and win yourself some awesome prizes!

Pace Yourself Mentally

It’s true that we mistresses will be giving out the instructions so you won’t have many options when it comes to what you do physically. Though everything you do begins in the mind.

Remembering to breathe and keeping yourself calm will allow you to step outside of your arousal for a second. This is super important to prevent you from getting carried away too quickly. Yes, us Mistresses will strive to pull you back in, but it is up to you to stay resilient and push through!

Practice Practice Practice

Normally one doesn’t need an excuse to indulge in a little play time, but this is more than just stroking for the hell of it.

Time yourself. How long can you last when you are not trying? To keep things fair and measurable you should allow the same amount between each orgasm before your next practice session. I would say no more than once every 24 hours. Set aside some time and decide whether you will measure this with or without the use of porn/lube. If you chose any of these, ensure you use the same method each time you ‘train’.

Stroke-A -Thon Training Method Example

  • Keeping 24hrs between each orgasm
  • Training schedule – 5 days in a row with porn and lube.
  • Using a stop watch to time the session
  • Record the time from start to climax making notes of any specific mindsets or techniques you pick up on.
  • Set yourself a target for each practice session and keep it realistic.

Test Run

Once you feel you are ready it’s time for a Mistress to put you through your paces! Choose a Mistress and reach out to them explaining you want a Stroke-A-Thon test run. Any of our ladies here at LDW would be glad to take you for a test drive!

Assess & Re-assess

Monitor your progress and be real about any set backs! Maybe you did really well during training, but couldn’t hold off when engaged in a session with a Mistress? This is totally normal and to be expected. Making guys blow their loads is second nature to us, so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t do as well as you thought you would!

Get back onto a training program and try another session to test your willpower.

Refine Your Training Process

If you are struggling to figure out what it is you should be doing to prepare, then it maybe time to reach out to a Mistress and ask for help.

Yes, we offer sessions, but did you know many of us offer customised training programs too? If you are interested in a custom training program by me, then feel free to reach out to me by email and we can discuss your unique requirements. You will also get to find out a little about my Stroke-A-Thon strategy for the main event.

Now, I’m not going to give away all of my secrets boys, but it will definitely allow you to get an edge on the competition!

Audio Training

If you would be interested in training with a mistress but don’t wish to experience defeat in a live session then you can always reach out to your favourite Mistress and request a Stroke-A-Thon themed audio. This can focus on any weaknesses you feel you have to get you up to stretch when training for the final event!

Some guys find a Mistresses voice to be one of the most alluring aspects of a 1-on-1 session, so with audio training you get the best of both worlds!

Sign up

If you are interested in signing up to this years Stroke-A-Thon, then you can do so by contacting dispatch and signing up. It is $50 per entry which not only allows you access to 10 mistresses instructing you and teasing you, but if you manage to last, you may just win a bunch of prizes!

We will look forward to seeing you there!

Ms Ruby