There is something truly special about the Holiday season. When you think about what it means – displaying our best selves, treating each other with kindness, generosity and patience. A time for giving, self-reflection and gratitude. If you are femme fabulous (in or out)  I urge you to extend that same Holiday spirit to yourself this year! This is where our Sissy Affirmations Audio can help!

Sissy Affirmations & Femme Mantras

Myself and the sexy Ms Olivia have teamed up yet again to help you get well acquainted with your inner girl. We have created a fantastic audio to help guide you into a state of deep relaxation and self-exploration. Our mission – to really get to the core of what makes you joyful, sexy and confident.

Banish Shame & Guilt

When I think about all of the wonderful girlfriends I’ve made during my time at LDW, I honestly feel privileged. I adore the fact that so many of you out there can share your inner most secrets with me, free of judgement. And when the conversation starts flowing, we really do bond over our love of femme, sensuality and mischievousness.

Sadly, there is a down side to the fun. The admission of guilt and shame surrounding those who are unable to come out and be who they are deep down inside. This is where my tough outer shell cracks. I feel for all of you out there and want nothing but good things for you!

In light of this prevalent problem, me and Ms Olivia have created a very peaceful, nurturing audio – giving you a peaceful place to visit whenever you need it! Over time, and with practice on your part, we are confident that shaking off those pesky negative emotions will get easier and easier! Get ready to meet the new you!

You Are a Badass!

There is nothing sexier than a girl who has that spark. You know the one I mean. That skip in her step. That sparkling smile. That flirtatious charm. I know that you understand me here because this is YOU. Maybe you are out and everyone sees you this way. If not, then there are ways that your inner girl can shine through!

If there is no way of coming out, because of family circumstances or whatever your case may be, then it may feel confusing at times. One week you might buy a bunch of sexy lingerie, only to purge a week later. This is so common, you wouldn’t believe! I truly believe that even though you are conflicted within yourself, there is a way to strike a balance – learning to co-exist harmoniously with both sides of you.

Life is crazy, and amidst the craziness we develop skills, coping mechanisms and habits. We compartmentalise to preserve our sanity. If you cannot come out of your shell entirely then I want you to stop taunting yourself about it right now! Do not punish yourself. Instead, celebrate yourself! You are living two lives, this is super hard – you are a fucking bad ass! Both components are important to your life for different reasons. Some things in life are purely functional. For most, work is a means to pay the bills. It is rare that you will find someone in a career that they love deeply. But, just because you can’t be her all the time, doesn’t mean she can’t come out and play!

Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life

Now, at the risk of sounding woo woo, I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend a make over. Nope, this isn’t the super fun kind that we do over Skype or phone sessions with lipstick and the works. This is a make over for your mind! Now ask yourself, how often do you check in with you and your inner desires, distraction free? Once per week? Once a month? Less? You should be meditating once a day for a minimum of 10 minutes!

Why? It has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce stress. A clear mind results in a more productive life. It’s also a great excuse to schedule some precious YOU time each day! The more you do this, the less confusing and divided you will feel. Reflecting on your own desires helps to direct the course of your life, which is pretty important.

Meditation is about tranquility and peace, which is part of demonstrating self-love. Acceptance is another way to express self-love. Accepting yourself, being proud of who you are is something our sissy affirmations audio promotes.

Mini Mindfulness Assignment

So I have an assignment for you. I would like for you to put 10 minutes aside today to meditate. During the sessions you will say the following affirmations out loud or in your mind as you meditate.

“I am beautiful. I am special. I am me.”

Get comfortable, close your eyes and keep repeating this over and over, just as you would a mantra. Right at the end you will finish up with:

“I fully accept and love myself.” 

I want you to make a mental note of how you feel before, during and after the session. My prediction is at least a 20-40% mood improvement which will be immediate, followed by further improvement throughout the day. You can come back to this assignment at any time and reinforce that shift in perspective.

If you would like some tips for fabulous femme luxury on the down low then check out my dedicated blog here.

If you found this blog interesting or helpful I would love for your input. Please feel free to leave a comment and I will certainly get back to you. 🙂

Our Sissy Affirmations Audio

With beautiful tranquil soundscapes and too seriously seductive voices, it’s hard to resist the pure relaxing trance that envelopes your entire being. You will begin to understand the depths of your desires, and learn not only to accept the inner girl, but to bring her out and let her shine through! To purchase the fabulous Sissy Affirmations Audio by myself and Ms Olivia click here.

until next time my pets,