Sissy Slumber Party Event Details

by Mistress Ruby Enchantrix

Sissy Slumber Party

Now, as a Mistress I can’t count the number of times I’ve roleplayed the slumber party fantasy. This is the dream of so many girlies out there, and now we are bringing your fantasy to life! 🙂

Do you want a place to show off your lingerie or your gorgeously girly PJ’s? We know you do!  So 9 LDW Mistresses have got together & planned the best girls night in – we wanna see YOU there!

Time Left To Sign Up for The Sissy Slumber Party:








Getting Girly

For this event panties are compulsory! Whether your style is gorgeously glam or natural and glowing – roll with it! This is your opportunity to share your femme look with others, receiving feedback and tips from 9 highly experienced mistresses! How Amazing is that?!

There will be girly chat, drinks (BYOB), a movie and snacks (BYO)… maybe there will even be a pillow fight!? 😛 We are all looking forward to having fun with you & we know you will love it!

Plan For Perfection!

We girls love making plans, whether it’s planning outfits & shoes or nail polish & make up – no detail is too small! So we are offering a little bonus to all girlies who sign up for this event!

Not only will you gain entry to the hottest slumber party ever,  but signing up also entitles you to x5 mins free with each call you book with any participating mistress (list below) . The promo will run from Saturday 12th of March until the event date – Saturday 19th March.

This little extra is a fantastic way for you to chat with us about your plans prior to the event! We will even help you to choose your lingerie and outfit! We love shopping for girly things  – we would be happy to help you pick out something new online!  If you want style advice who better to ask than a Mistress? 

Please note, you must book a minimum of 10 mins to get the additional 5 mins free.  The bonus applies to each mistress once per day. This means you can only receive a maximum of 5 mins free with each mistress,  daily. This is renewed each day of the promo period.

Meet The Mistresses

Our Mistress Guest list includes –  Ms Willow, Ms Harper, Ms Ryan, Ms Riley, Ms Bethany, Ms Becky, Ms Rachel, Ms Fiona and Ms Ruby. Follow us on Twitter and interact with us before the event! 

The Event Details:

The event will be held on our Discord chat room and will officially begin at 9pm (EST) on Saturday the 19th of March.

When you sign up for the event you will be asked for your email address. Please provide the email that you would like to receive all correspondence to – we will be sending Discord links so that you can join our server.

We will be opening the chatroom 10mins early, so that we can ensure everything is working correctly.

The sign up deadline is Thursday the 10th Of March 11pm (EST). If you wish to attend the event you will need to ensure that your payment has been made before the deadline. We will not be accepting any sign ups after this point! The event entry fee is $50. There will be NO REFUNDS.

The duration of the event will depend upon the amount of sign ups –

If we have 25+ sign ups the event will last 3 hours total (9pm -12am EST). This allows us time to chat and have fun before & after the movie. Less than 25 sign ups will mean the event will last a total of 2 hours. Giving us 10min chat time either side of the movie. 

Event Etiquette

During the event you can chat to us via voice or text, however,  during the movie only Mistresses will be able to use voice chat. We will be responding to your text chats at this time to ensure less disruption during the movie. 

You will be able to share images with the group too! We would love to see your outfits & makeup!

Nudity / hypersexualised content will not be permitted in the group chat. Any posts containing this will be removed. If you want to get off during the event, you absolutely can, but you will need to do so discreetly! 😉

Wanna Share Sexy Secrets?

I (Ms Ruby) am happy to receive private messages during the event if you wanna share pictures of your toys or tell me any sexy secrets. Again, no nudity please. 😛 If you would like to send anything to any of the other Mistresses be sure to ask permission first. 🙂 Keep in mind that the majority of our attention will be kept on the group chat. 

Please direct any questions to and I will get back to you as soon as possible!




What The Mistresses Are Saying About This Event:

“I can’t wait to chill out with my girls! I’m going to indulge myself in a little pampering session – nail polish, facemasks, and a nice argan oil hair treatment. As for my outfit I think I’ll be putting on something luxurious and soft! Oh, and I’m looking forward to getting a little bit tipsy! I think I’m gonna splash out on a nice bottle of red wine for this, not forgetting my favourite peanut butter popcorn of course! YUM! Can’t wait to see everyone’s cute outfits!”

Mistress Ruby

“Girl time, bonding, drinks & snacks, sounds like a party to me! I’m excited for our sissy sleepover and I’ve got my new jammies picked out that are perfect for a cozy evening indoors with the ladies… and the sissies. BYOB, and be prepared to be volunteered for hair and makeup, gurls!”

Duchess Willow

“I just picked up a new set of comfy tap panties that are begging to be worn somewhere special, so why not our sissy sleepover? Paired with a bottle of Moscato and some wonderful friends, it promises to be a night to remember! So bring your essential girls-night-in treats and be prepared to spend a memorable night with all the Mistresses in attendance!”

Mistress Ryan

“I haven’t gotten to really relax and hang out with the ladies in so long, so I’m really looking forward to our evening! My plans include manicures and pedicures, homemade popcorn with plenty of butter, and a facial. I’ve got this amazing face mask I’ve been just dying to try out, and plenty of supplies, so, gurls, you’re gonna get your face clarified, brightened, and smoothed! Be prepared to share selfies with us, because I have to see those spa night sleepover looks. I’ll be wearing a thigh length silk nighty… and panties!”

Mistress Harper

“OMG, some entertainment, some good company, a glass of wine and my fuzzy slippers are EXACTLY what I need! Come and join me and  8 of my hottest gal pal Mistresses for an evening of laughing, sipping and just hanging out like us girls love to do! I can’t wait until our sleepover, sweet sissies!”

Mistress Becky

“I’m so excited to settle in for a fun movie night with all the girls! I even ordered a cute lilac pure silk little night-gown for the occasion. So I’ll be cute and prepared to spend the evening with some of my favourite people. I’ll make sure to bring my cherry Chapstick in case some light kissing occurs. Looking forward to some serious girl time and a lovely evening in.”

Mistress Riley

“I usually sleep naked, but since we’re having a slumber party movie night, I may just have to wear something! At least during girl talk and movie watching and popcorn munching. I can always whisk My nightie back off before bed! Can’t wait to hear what the sissies are wearing! Frilly or classy? Cutsie or comfy? Bunny slippers?”

Mistress Rachel

“I’m so looking forward to some girl time, a nice Hot Toddy and my sexy PJs. Can’t wait to see all you all there, ladies! <3”

Mistress Fiona

“A slumber party is a uniquely feminine right of passage that every sissy girl should experience! I’m so excited to share this with you!”

Mistress Bethany