Micro-phallus. Tiddly wink. Man clit. The Houdini weenie. Men that are less blessed in the trouser department. This could cover a range of sizes but for the record I’m talking about those guys who are considerably less than average. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a long term relationship with a guy who doesn’t quite measure up? I want to explore this and offer a new perspective on something that most women would shudder at the thought of… Yes, a guy with a spectacularly small penis!

A Different Dynamic

For most people sex is important, and I categorise myself as one of those people; however, it seems the guys who pulled out the genetic ‘short straw’ maybe far better than we give them credit for. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say those guys could even make better husbands!

Now, I know what you are thinking… “Why on earth would you come to that conclusion Ms. Ruby?”ย  Well, let’s assess the situation objectively and I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not you think I’m on to something.

More common than you think

It has been recorded that approximately 16% of men live with an erect penis size that is less than 4.5 inches, 2.5% of which have under 3.7 inches! Those with the so called Micro Penis find penetration near enough impossible, ruling out sexual intercourse entirely! The reality of living with a small penis can radically change a man’s life. Penis size is a concern for whomever wears it and also for anyone sexually involved with that person.

Okay, so now we know roughly how many people have this issue let’s address some of the reasons why I think these guys deserve some serious consideration, especially when seeking a long term partner.

Unconditional Love & Respect

As a woman, if you really want pure respect, love and honesty, then a man with a teeny weeny is an excellent choice! Guys with small dicks aim to please their women at every given opportunity. They know they need to compensate for their size, and do so in just about every way imaginable. These guys work hard to earn your love and will always give you the time of day!

They Are Oral Jedi Masters

Got a pang for a good pussy licking? I love it when a guys face is between my thighs, going to work with the full intention of giving me pleasure. Unfortunately for most women out there, this is not a regular occurrence! That’s not to say a guy with a big shlong can’t give you a good time. It’s a matter of priorities!ย  I can tell you right now that when a guy knows he can’t make you cum with his dick, he’s going to give you multiple orgasms with his tongue. Think of it as oral on tap. Yup! Whenever you want it, he’s ready to go. Don’t be discouraged if he hasn’t had much experience. These guys are ready to be moulded and shaped to your specifications. Instructions and demands are what they thrive on! You’ll have a perfectly trained oral master in no time at all!

‘Ego’ Just Isn’t In His Vocabulary

We all know that an over blown ego, along with a heavy dose of male bravado is extremely off putting and unattractive. Personally I steer clear of any guy that tries to win me over by bragging. I like my men humble and considerate, and that is exactly what these guys offer! They are grateful to be in the company of a beautiful woman, and I would be lying if I told you I don’t completely love that concept. Who doesn’t want to be worshipped and adored? ‘ME’ – said no one ever!

They go the extra mile

What does your man do for your birthday? What about Valentines day? How about your anniversary? I have heard complaints from so many women with the ‘alpha male type’ describing the typical scenario of forgotten anniversaries or birthday celebrations that leave more to be desired. Every woman wants to be treated like the goddess she is; and if you are looking for a guy that goes above and beyond, then you need to get yourself a guy with a shrimp dick!

Fancy a trip away on the weekend? How about a sensual massage when you get home from work? Oh, and that hand bag you wanted for your birthday… He went out and got it for you months before, just to make you smile. Turns out treating you right isn’t a special occasion thing, it’s an every day thing!

Cheating ain’t on the menu

There are guys out there that cheat, and guys that are completely faithful. How can you tell when dating a guy if he is the type to cheat? Instinct plays a big role here, though there is no way to be 100% sure…
Except for one, of course. I would bet you $500 that any guy wearing a nano-prick wouldn’t even dream of cheating! Several factors come into play here, but mainly, the lack of Ego (which is a good thing) and the potential humiliation of being outed as ‘that guy with a small cock’. He knows how lucky he is to have you and he isn’t going to give that up for anything! Plus, satisfying one woman is a full time job! :’D

The Final count down

In addition to my aforementioned points, here are some added benefits of having a small penis, as well as reasons why you should totally marry a guy that has one!

6. Sharing is caring!

Need good sex? Not a problem! Most guys with tiny dicks are open to the possibility of being cuckolded too! Heck, some even strongly encourage you to go out and do your thing! And let’s face it, variety is the spice of life! So get out there and have fun!

5. Beauty over size.

Most women prefer the site of a more harmoniously balanced member over a large unsightly cock. So size is of little importance here!

4. Vaginal orgasm – a rare commodity

According to a variety of surveys many women admitted that penetration alone could not get them off! In fact, only 30% of women asked said they were able to enjoy orgasms solely from penetration. This is why oral is so damn important for many ladies!

3. A wobbly belief

Scientifically, no study has ever been able to conclusively prove that penis size has a direct impact on the pleasure felt. Most ‘small’ guys brush up on other skills to make their ladies cum and ensure that their penis size does not interfere with overall satisfaction!

2. Blow jobs are much easier (if you WANT to return the favour)

For those women that absolutely detest a rough face fuck (and yes, some women do), a small penis may be the answer! Just let him try and make you gag – not going to happen in this case!
And for those of us women that would suck on nothing less than a 7″ cock, don’t worry, he will never pressure you! He is just happy to get to pleasure you! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you don’t want to play with it he could always get into pillow humping!

1. A more caring lover

In bed this guy isn’t going to be passionate and hot, but what he lacks in confidence he makes up for in determination! He will always ensure you are satisfied and won’t give himself a second thought. It’s up to you if you want to reward his good behaviour…

So if you have a guy on your radar and the only thing standing between you both is a little prick then I say give the guy a shot! Maybe it will be more enjoyable than you think…

Don’t sweat the small stuff as they say!


Until next time pets,