Cock Sucking Sissy Superstar Ringtone

Description: A Pop-Punk style ringtone written by Ms Ruby, Dedicated to all of you Cock Sucking Sissy Superstars out there!

Price: $5.00

 Ms Rubys’ Blowjob Training

Description: Trying to overcome that gag reflex? Want to know how to master deep throating? Join me in this practical training program on how to give amazing head
every single time! I will walk you through the basics, developing your own comfort level at a pace to suit you. You’ll get practical tips and advice as well as tactics on how you should practice and harness your skills. Let’s take you to the next level!

Price: $54.00

 Listen To Me Play – Ms Ruby

DescriptionThis is an intimate masturbation session, where you have the rare privilege of listening to my voice as I bring myself to climax. My boyfriend spent the morning working me up and left me in a very sticky predicament! So now, I’m going to take it out on you!

Price: $48.00

 ‘Mistress Says’ Humiliation Game

Description: Surrender to me in a little game of ‘Mistress Says’. Listen carefully to my instructions and avoid punishment. This game contains aspects of humiliation, BDSM, Nipple and ass play as well as CEI… If these are not your thing then this game isn’t for you. If you long to be at my feet and pride yourself on obeying without question then I would love to play with you!

Price: $30.00

Dr Rubys’ Therapy for Cocksuckers

Description: In this role-play session, you have been seeking a therapist to help you gain control of your cock sucking urges. Luckily Dr Ruby is at hand to help you. I will sensually coerce you to face your fears head-on (no pun intended). This is an immersive audio experience with sound effects, so please pop some earphones in, sit back and enjoy!

Price: $36.00