Whether you are participating in our Strokeathon this September or not, you won’t want to miss this steamy audio! Maybe you wanna put your will power to the ultimate test? Well, we dare you to try our little challenge! The audio we have put together is so sexy, we just know our stroking instructions will get you all hot and bothered! That’s the point after all, right?

Two Mistresses One Sub

Having one Mistress edging you is fun, but with two there are so many other possibilities. I bet you are wondering what we might do if it were just the three of us, alone. Well here is your chance to find out! We want you to join us. We want you to get comfortable and follow our instructions to the letter, that way we know you’ll be pushed to your limits!

Strokeathon Prep

If you intend on signing up for our strokeathon on the 18th September then you are gonna need some training if you wanna win those prizes. This double mistress audio is all about teasing, and it’ll help you to prepare yourself for that lengthy strokeathon. Did I mention there are 10 of us Mistresses attending. Mmm, it’s going to be one hell of an event!

Stroking Instructions Teaser

Here is a little sample of our naughty audio. The full version is 18 minutes long and is filled to the brim with flirting, teasing and new stroking tips to really get you going!


Double Mistress Sessions

If you are looking for a live session with Ms Olivia and I, we would be thrilled to have you for a 2 on 1 session where we can cater our play to your unique desires. We play very well together and would love to schedule something steamy with you! If you want in, then you can hit us both up via email ( ruby@enchantrixempire.com  Olivia@enchantrixempire.com ). We can’t wait to play with you! And if you have any double Mistress custom audio requests then we would love to hear your ideas too!

While your here checking out my blog, why not pay Ms Olivia a visit too! I know she would love that! You can check out her blog HERE.

Get The Audio

If you fancy treating yourself then you can purchase our stroking instructions audio here. We are waiting for you!

Until next time pets, 


Ms Ruby