Welcome to my first ever podcast, Tease do, where we discuss femdom phonesex from the perspective of sensual sadism. I’m your host Ms Ruby Enchantrix and before we dive into today’s topic I just want to wish everyone a belated happy new year! 

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? I’m assuming you have by now. And if you are anything like me, you have probably broken one or two of them already! What can I say? Chocolate is too good to quit! But, tomorrow is a new day and we can all take advantage of a fresh start! 

Funny enough, one of my new year’s resolutions was to begin a Podcast project of my very own. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented mistresses. They constantly inspire and drive me to become better in what I do. Podcasting is unknown territory for me, and so I have been putting it off for so long. I woke up this morning and thought to myself “fuck it! I’m starting one today!” So here I am! 

So, a little tip if any of you listeners out there have short-term or long-term goals that have been constantly pushed into the background, then why not make a little time for them after this podcast? Chill here with me for a while and then make getting started on your own goals your priority for today. Even if you use the 5 minute rule, where you spend an intensely focused 5 minutes on the task,  trust me, you’ll feel so much better for it! That’s my little 2022 tip for you going forward! 

The Art Of Teasing

So for my first episode I thought we could kick off with a tease and denial 101. As you can probably tell by the name of my podcast – I love to tease, and the naughty sadist in me loves the denial part even more! 

What is tease and denial?

Typically, Tease and denial is based on a power dynamic between a mistress or dominant partner and a submissive. As the name implies, the tease involves inspiring and cultivating sexual desire in the submissive party, building it up over time until it is unbearably intense. The denial is the intention of not allowing full sexual release. There is no conclusive climax for the submissive, instead you get a slow intense burn of intense sexual frustration. 

Tease Do!

This is the core of tease and denial, but there are so many elements that can be introduced that can heighten the experience of tease and denial. The teasing involves pressing your buttons until you can’t stand it anymore. Your sexual triggers are unique to you, and so every tease would need to be catered. For some it involves strip teasing or worshiping the feet of a beautiful woman, for others, it’s being bound to a chair of bed whilst being made to watch pornography whilst a mistress slowly and carefully strokes your cock. Some are teased more by the sensation of being used and fucked, but never allowed to cum. And these are just some examples. The possibilities are limitless. This is another reason why I love tease and denial. It creates an opportunity to bond and get to know one another, whilst giving way to creativity! 

Access Denied!

And then you have the denial aspect. I’ve got to say, I love this more when begging has come up during the tease session! Some Mistresses are put off by it, but I absolutely adore the sound of a man begging. 

Now, denial doesn’t necessarily mean taking a partner right to the edge and then removing all stimulation. For some people, denial is  keeping a partner just below that threshold throughout the entire session. For others, it involves ruined orgasms. This is where the pleasure has taken you just over that edge and the convulsions of ejaculation have inevitably started, and even though you do produce cum, you do not have the warm fuzzies of a full and pleasurable orgasm. As soon as ejaculation is imminent, all stimulation is removed and your left feeling frustrated in a sticky puddle of creamy goo! 

We will be discussing ruined orgasms in future, but they are definitely worth mentioning as they are a very fun tool to use during tease and denial sessions. And if you have never experienced one but you are interested in finding out more, then your new assignment this week is to educate yourself on what a ruined orgasm is! 

What’s your flavour?

Tease and Denial comes in many different flavours and it all depends on the mistress or dom. We are the creative drive behind any mind-blowing session, and your experience is dictated by a special concoction of sexual triggers (your own unique arousal sequence) and the deviously creative mind of your mistress/dom. 

Some like it hot and heavy, preferring a more strict and harsh experience. The denial can be particularly cruel in this case and involves things like humiliation and degradation. 

Others take a more sensual approach, offering words of encouragement and taking the role of a femdom girlfriend. Caring for you, whilst driving you crazy all at the same time. These are the two extremes, though there are many flavours between. 

For my personal style, I love sensual teasing – it allows a safe space for you to divulge your secrets and confessions. But when it comes to denial – My inner sadist takes over and I can’t help but bask in your discomfort. I guess you could think of it like a good cop bad cop routine – and yes, you have my permission to fantasize about me in a tight sexy police officer uniform – I know you are going to anyway! 

My Top Tips For Tease And Denial Newbies

So these tips were put together with newbies in mind and will help you to experiment with tease and denial to see if it is something that you would enjoy or not. 

  • Experiment with edging

If you are single or want to get a sense of  how tease and denial feels during your solo sessions then why not try edging? Now, If you don’t know what edging is, then I would ask where have you been for the last decade? But seriously, if you don’t know what it is then you now have another assignment to add to your list this week – look it up! 

With edging, I  would recommend starting out slow, aiming for around 3-5 edges if you are new to this technique. You can go for more if you can handle it! Once you’ve achieved your goal duration, stop. Just stop! This means no orgasms whatsoever. See if you can last until the next day before allowing yourself to cum. This will likely be challenging for you and if you find it near impossible to not cum then my next tip will come to the rescue!

  • Book a phone session with an online Mistress. 

This may seem like a sales tactic, but it is honestly one of the best and most discreet ways to explore your sexuality whilst being held accountable. If you call me up interested in tease and denial you can bet your ass there will be no cuming involved! Though the continuous waves of pleasure flooding your body as you are edged and teased over and over again will be mind blowing! I have had plenty of experience with newbies and pros, so don’t worry if you are dipping your toes in for the first time or for the 100th. I will know exactly how to handle you! 

  • Involve your partner

Now, I know a lot of you out there will be thinking to yourself “my partner won’t be into this at all” and that maybe the case for some, but you truly never know until you ask! You don’t have to persuade her to become your full-time dom. All we are doing here is having a conversation and seeing where it leads. You never know, you might get the opportunity to play a tease and denial session out! If she doesn’t wish to entertain the idea, then you can always reach out to me or any other online Mistress you wish to satisfy this particular need. So we’ve got you covered either way!

  • Get a guided audio

If you are new to the idea of phonesex and a little shy, then why not get yourself an mp3 session? Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone or computer all that’s left to do is sit back and relax with your headphones in. It’s discreet and here at Enchantrix Empire we offer so many different audios, even custom audios for those very specific kinks. You can visit my personal website cockdomme.com where you will find my audio store page. There are also some free samples on there too, so if you love kink content it is definitely worth a visit! Also, it’s worth mentioning that many of us offer orgasm control packages via Skype chat or email. So if you want more structure in your orgasm habits then we can certainly give you that! Click here to browse my audio store.


Story Time – My Personal Experience with edging

So if you wanna listen to my very teasing story you’ll need to check out my very first podcast! Click here to hear my first episode! 

So that’s it for today guys, if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a comment on this blog or share my podcast on Twitter!  If you want to contact me you can do so by emailing me on ruby@enchantrixempire.com. If you are interested in my schedule then see here for details. I also offer appointments so if you don’t see a suitable time then please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

You can expect kink chat on my new podcast – Tease Do every Friday at 12 noon EST. Stay tuned!

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