Puny little human, kneel before your skyscraper seductress and worship me. Entertain me with your attempts to climb my heels. That stiletto heel is like a fireman’s pole isn’t it? So tricky and slippery. You just don’t have the strength in you to lift yourself up. We giant women enjoy your struggle, so keep trying! 😉

Oh So Tiny

So I’ve been thinking of creative little ways I can play with your teeny tiny self and even though there are infinite ways, no one does it quite like the women of Zavthak. Oh, you have never heard of Zavthak? Well let me indulge you a little.

Zavthak is a distant planet that is over 100 times the size of Earth. The giant women are very interesting and I’m sure you would enjoy a visit very much. Now, because I am a very generous Goddess, I have decided to record a little audio about my trip to Zavthak and want to share the experience with you.

The Planet Of Giant Women By Ms Ruby

If you can’t listen to the audio but want to read my little story you can find it HERE.

Giantess Sessions

If you’ve taken the time to check out my story above then it’ll give you a taste of my style and imagination. I love creating scenarios that are unique and filled with detail so booking a call with me would absolutely take your fantasies to the next level! You can confess your fantasies and I can work my create magic for you. You can check out my reviews here.

I am excited to see where your fantasies and my imagination will take us on our little Giantess adventure, so don’t be shy!

How can you serve me?

I love massages and foot worship, so how would you complete such a task being so tiny? Imagine kneeling on top of my porcelain foot, using your whole body to rub my foot down. Now, you’ll need to put some effort in. It’s gonna be hard to ensure I feel a good amount of pressure, and if you tickle me I can’t guarantee the ground beneath you will remain stable. My giggling would shake my entire body, so you might wanna grab onto something!

I also enjoy my blueberry pancakes in the morning don’t I Lexi? Shout out to my main tiny chef! Those blueberries can be pesky little buggers for a tiny. If you are making my pancakes it’s gonna take at least 2-3 tinys to lift and move one blueberry, so you might want to get cracking on that a few hours before your Goddess wakes up! Good job I have a collection of tinys to undertake my chores, isn’t it?

My One & Only

I know what you are thinking – “But Goddess, I want to be your one and only tiny!” Well, I devote time to special tinys who work hard and earn my 1 on 1 time. If you want the privilege of alone time with your Giantess you have to work hard and pay your dues. Or, you could just check my schedule and call me when I’m available! 😛

Maybe you can inspire me by telling me how you (as a tiny man), would serve me differently to the others. How could you make me feel things I have never felt! This stuff really gets me off, so don’t be shy! Come and tell me all of your little secrets. Tell me how you are unique as a tiny, tell me how you want to please me and make me feel things I have never felt before. I can’t wait!

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Until we speak again pet, MWAH! 

Ms Ruby 


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