Embarking on a new year and having a fresh start is always filled with prospects and new opportunities. I’m sure by now you have some ideas regarding what you want to achieve this year, and no doubt lockdown has put some of your plans on hold. Whilst this maybe inconvenient, I like to think of it as the ideal opportunity for learning and self-development. Learning a new language or skill online has never been easier or more accessible, and this idea extends to the realm of kink too! How about working on your Sissy transformation? Click HERE to view the course.

The Ultimate Sissy Transformation Course

Toward the end of last year I had a personal goal. I wanted to put together the most informative and intense course for sissies and femme enthusiasts alike. Upon researching the competition, I discovered so many courses that were rushed or only providing an overview, with the goal of cookie cutter sissies in mind. This bothered me, as it allowed very little room for individuality and self expression. Our beauty is displayed in our differences, and this course is designed to highlight them!

A Holistic Approach

The course I have created consists of two modules, both of which are needed to finalize your knowledge and skills in the art of femme. I have focused not only on the physical transformation but the emotional and mental aspects as well. These are all important to ensure you have the right tools and mindset in your sissy transformation journey.

How Long Is The Training?

The sissy transformation training is self directed, so you can complete the first module in as little as 6 weeks. Those who prefer a slow and steady approach can stretch their training over a longer duration. This is not a race, and perfection begins with persistence. The longer you take to complete each section, the more well equip you will be at the end of your journey.

Practice Practice Practice

I have dedicated months to developing this sissy transformation programme, and will expect you to dedicate time to absorb all of the information provided. This is not a weekend project, but something that will require a consistent schedule of practice and maintenance. Follow it as directed and you will see progress beyond you wildest dreams. I will ensure your femme transformation is enhanced to the highest levels possible. All I expect in return is your best effort throughout.

Supporting Your Journey

I pride myself on delivering effective training. So to make things even easier for you, I am offering email support along with this course. When you purchase my programme, not only are you getting the most thorough training available, but you will have access to my ongoing support. Email me ruby@enchantrixempire.com with any questions or queries that pop up; I will do my best to bring clarity to you whenever you need it. You can also send me the result of any exercise or assignment undertaken for direct and personal feedback.

Bag A Bargain!

I understand that Covid has brought about a sense of uncertainty. This is precisely why I have decided to offer a heavy discount to this course. Module one is over 99 minutes long and would usually be priced at $297 (not including the email support). I want this course to be accessible for everyone so I’ve decided to price it at ONLY $79! When taking into account time and research required to provide such a diverse and all encompassing programme, this price is an absolute steal! The value offered in my tutorials as well as the ongoing support cannot be obtained at a lower price anywhere else!

You can purchase the course and get started on your journey by clicking HERE. Be sure to contact me via email if you have any questions regarding the training programme and I will respond to you as soon as I can. For tips to get you started why not read my blog on Femme Luxury?

I’ll look forward to training you,

Ms Ruby