Having a Mistress to make over your style is an incredible way to kickstart your femme journey. Already started? Then maybe it’s time to introduce a little expertise. This is what I am offering. I want to make you into the most beautiful version of yourself and it all starts here, with my wardrobe makeover package!

What’s included?

I have added some examples below to show you the quality of my work. As you can see, the casual wardrobe dream board includes all aspects of the outfit: Lingerie, clothing and shoes all come together to create the perfect ensemble. 

In the top right you see some colour swatches. I take into consideration skin tone, hair colour and eye colour to create a stunning selection of items that are guaranteed to make your natural beauty shine through. 

A Special Occasion

If you are looking to redo your entire wardrobe, this package truly is perfect! I not only provide you with a casual wear dream board, but you will also get an outfit designed for a special occasion too!

During our email consultation we will go through your requirements and figure out what you are looking to achieve. My client wanted a touch of class, Meghan Markle style and so, the casual look I have created above displays that royal elegance whilst maintaining comfort.

Below you can see we have gone for a very sexy pin-up style. It’s still elegant and classy, but a little more seductive.

Wardrobe Make Over Analysis

In addition to all of the above, I will also provide you with a write up of your new style. You will understand your unique colour pallet, and develop a solid fashion style. I will guide you through your make over step by step, providing guidelines to help steer you in the right direction. 

All of the items provided on your dream boards will be included in your itemised shopping list. You will receive links to these, so that you are able to purchase them and re-create the style at home! 

I cannot wait to rejuvenate your style! Email my ruby@enchantrixempire.com to find out more. Or visit my store front below! 

Until next time Pets – XOXO

Ms Ruby Enchantrix