A topic covered by so many amazing Mistresses before me (Yes Ms.Olivia I’m looking at you!), and yet is still as relevant as ever! So as obvious as the answer is to most, I feel like there have been a lot of guys hanging around in my Twitter DMs lately. Some of which expecting explicit chat without so much as an initial phone call to introduce themselves (rude). No fellas – I don’t give it away, and here’s why.

PS – If I’ve linked you to this post via Skype messenger or Twitter then I’m sure you can guess why! 😉 

Premium Service = Premium Dollar

I’ve been in this industry for quite a while now (5 years total – if ya wanna get technical). Exploring and mastering all of the lingo and deliciousness that the alluring world of kink has to offer.
Now you may think to yourself “I’ve had my kinks for decades, five years isn’t long!” Yeah, we all have kinks my love; as for me, I’ve been mastering the behaviours and psychological reasoning behind every kink I come across, and that is no small feat! I get a lot of ’em!
You have kinks, but do you truly understand them? Do you have a life companion that understands your most erotic secrets? Do you have a confidant that you can turn to when your fantasies pop up? Most people, single or married struggle with truly feeling connected and worse – we struggle to feel understood.
To most, it is an incredibly scary notion to even imagine truly being ourselves, for better or worse, in the company of others. One of the biggest things I do for my clients is provide a safe haven for them to express their wants and needs. You will not only find that I listen attentively to what you have to say, I can also help you to understand why you love a particular kink and how you can explore it safely and thoroughly at your own pace!
I enjoy connecting with my callers organically through genuine, meaningful conversation. The service I provide is so far from the cookie cutter cliché seen in movies or in porn. I get to know you on a deep level. I let you into my world and I allow you to get to know me. We build trust and we look forward to chatting and connecting with one another – which leads me into my next point…

You always get me at my best

Romance is a beautiful thing – in theory. Being with a partner, we are told, should be an incredible experience where we no longer need suffer the turbulent loneliness this world so cruelly thrusts upon us.
This not only sets our expectations of relationships at an unattainable high, but it also leaves us feeling confused and miserable when we don’t feel that “perfect connection”.
When the honeymoon period of a relationship ends, we settle into the mundane routine of real life. Sex isn’t as passionate for most. Our partner may stop going out of their way for us and we wonder why. Is it something I did? Did I say something wrong? – probably not.
One thing to keep in mind is that this is a natural progression of any relationship. When we become comfortable we may forget to present our best selves and this also goes for our partners too.
Sessions with me are never mundane. I always give my best self, offering you the attention and care you so deeply crave and deserve. This will not only provide you with a much needed break from the mundane, but also rejuvenates your imagination and reinvokes your sexual energy and lust.
If you are married or in relationship I can also create sessions that not only quench your thirst for kink, but also assist in enhancing and enriching the relationship you have with your partner (click here to find out more).

You can tell me anything

Unlike the real world where everything is bathed in drama and gossip, the environment I create is drama free and everything you tell me is purely confidential.  I never share any details of our conversations together (unless YOU express otherwise).
The ability to be our true selves in incredibly liberating. Having a session with me allows you to express yourself fully, with no judgement from me at all! I encourage honesty and I know you will reap the benefits of truly letting go!

I truly enjoy kink

Chances are if it gets you off, it’ll get me going too! I love kink and I love it when I am presented with new and exciting suggestions. Never think your kink is “too weird”! I challenge you to shock me, and I might shock you right back!
Now, just because I enjoy kink doesn’t mean I’m gonna give it away!  This is my living, it’s my life and it allows me to be available for all of you to call. If I just gave it away I would be so inundated with calls, I would have zero time to do anything else (even toilet breaks haha). I know my worth and I am not one to compromise on it!
I am a high value woman with a very particular set of skills (yes, I wrote that in Liam neeson’s voice)! These skills allow me to reduce men to mere puddles of sticky mess when I’m done, and trust me when I say – it never gets old! I fucking love my job!

You have very specific needs

So, let’s imagine you are single. You crave being tied up. Bound down to a chair, whilst a hot woman edges you over and over again. To intensify the experience, you want her to remove her panties and tie them to your face. Each time you breath in, you are reminded of your predicament. You are reminded that you are helpless.
So lemme break this down – you meet a nice woman and take her out on a date. When do you think the most appropriate time would be to tell her “I just wanna be tied down, gagged with your dirty panties and edged mercilessly until I can’t take it anymore!” ?  Something tells me that this will never be mentioned, because we are afraid of our core desires being repulsive – confirming (in our minds) that we ourselves must be repulsive.
This is obviously untrue, but it is a small example of why we are never fully willing to let go and be vulnerable. We protect ourselves by hiding thoughts and feelings that most would consider unconventional, or strange.

Time is money

This rule applies to most, if not all people. I have honed and refined my skills over the years. Gaining tens of thousands of calls worth of experience in all kinks imaginable. I am in very high demand (there is a reason why my schedule is filled with back to back sessions). If you see me available and think about calling – acting quickly is your best bet to secure a call!
We femdoms are unique creatures. We provide you with an outlet for your personal desires and pleasure. As for myself, my creative imagination can take your fantasies to another level. The skills I bring to the table are incredibly niche, and absolutely required to give you the best experience possible. They are worth every dollar spent, and if you are the type of person that feels as though femdoms should give it away, you are definitely not going to get very far! If you don’t wanna pay for it, don’t contact a femdom – simple! There are plenty of guys out there that are happy to pay for a premium service, most of which are highly successful in business and tip well too! If you don’t value my time, no problem, I won’t give you any! 🙂

It’s not all about money

Human connection is something I value above most things in life. The opportunity to connect with so many people is an incredible feeling. Giving everyone a place to go when they need release is a wonderful thing.
Now, ALL femdoms charge for their time. That’s a given. But guys, here’s a little tip – there are other things you can do to show an online mistress that you support them and enjoy their content.
  • Become a follower on Twitter. I feel like this is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation and it doesn’t cost a thing! Get on Twitter and share a Mistresses posts and content. If you can’t afford a session right now, this at least shows you are intent on getting them noticed! It may also motivate us to give you a little time in DMs (for non explicit chat of course)!
  • Comment on blogs. If you loved a particular blog post, take the time to let us know! Leave a comment! Ask questions, give feedback and interact with us! Better yet, share our stuff on social media and help increase the outreach of our posts!
  • Book an appointment. If you can’t afford a session until next week or even next month – most mistresses will schedule you into their diary without a deposit. I accept appointments without a deposit. All I ask is that you give me 30 mins notice if you are going to be late. If you don’t turn up, then you will no longer be eligible for appointments and will have to refer to my schedule in order to call through to me when you want a session.
  • Take advantage of offers to get more for your money! Right now I am offering 5 mins extra free on Skype voice chat when you book and pay for 10mins (click here for details). Also, if you are looking for a regular mistress you can benefit from my exclusive reward program (click here for details).
  • Leave a review. Leaving a review with Enchantrix not only helps us mistresses but it may even get you a free 30 min call! Each month every caller that leaves a review is entered into a prize draw allowing them to win 30 free minutes with their chosen mistress! A lot of guys don’t leave reviews so the odds of winning are pretty high at the moment! You can leave reviews here.

And just for the record…

No I don’t accept other payment methods. If you wanna book a session with me you can either click the “call now” button when I am available or call up the dispatch line and get your payment processed by one of our lovely ladies! If I’m on a call they can even arrange a call back service for you as soon as my current appointment ends!

If you wanna send Amazon gift vouchers, you can do this but remember that this is not a form of payment in exchange for my services. Tributes, gifts and virtual bouquets should be given with no expectation on your part. Do not give a Mistress gifts if you see it as transactional!

Got question? Leave it below or drop my an email – ruby@enchantrixempire.com.

That’s all for today pets,

until next time