Ryan's Cocksucking BlogHello to all my cocksucking sluts out there. How are you doing today? Well, I hope, and I also hope you’re up for another exciting adventure in sucking cock with me today.

Have You Been Improving Your Cocksucking Skills?

Now, as you probably already know, I’ve been on sabbatical for about a year, up until very recently. (Yes, I’m very happy to be back, and I’m glad you’re all here to welcome me.) So I’m curious about what you guys have been up to since I’ve been gone. I know I left you all in the capable hands of my LDW Mistress friends, so I’m sure you’ve all been enjoying yourselves quite a bit.

But my question to you is, have you been working on improving your cocksucking skills while I’ve been gone? I certainly hope so. It’s well past time for you to show off your cocksucking skills to me, and I want to see if you’ve made any progress, and if so, how much.

Strap On Training For Those Who Have Lapsed

I feel certain that if you’ve been practicing with some of my friends here at LDW, they’ve made sure you’re improving with each time you call. But I would like to see proof of your progress myself because I’ll enjoy seeing what my sluts have learned in my absence.

I hope we won’t have to start over from square one with any of you. Even if you haven’t been practicing much, hopefully, your skills haven’t deteriorated that badly. But even if they have, we need not worry too much. A little strap on training with your favorite Femdom will put you back on the right track in no time.

Remedial Strap On Time

Truth be told, I might just have to get out my strap on for you, whether you’ve lost some of your skills or not. This is mostly for my own pleasure because all my cocksucking sluts know that I do love to use my strap on in their mouths!

So maybe what I’ll do is give you a little bit of a test. I’ll put on my strap on, and you’ll get on your knees before me. Then, you can demonstrate what you know with your mouth. That way, I can determine if you’ve been progressing well or not. And I can also prescribe some remedial strap on time if I think you need it.

Sucking A Real Cock To Get That Cum

Once I’m pleased with your skill level, we can go back to letting you suck real cocks for me. I know how much you enjoy that, after all (and so do I). I also know that you guys enjoy sucking my strap on, but there’s something extra special about having a real one in your mouth. The taste and feel of it are something else, aren’t they?

Speaking of the taste, I’m sure you’re dying for some cum in your mouth, too. My little cocksucking cum eaters can’t get enough of that! And honestly, I can’t, either. I love watching my sluts swallow a big mouthful.

So if you’ve missed me and my cocksucking lessons, I have good news for you–I’m back. And I’m also ready to see how you’ve been doing with your sucking skills in my absence. So why not go ahead and pick up your phone and give Ms. Ryan a call for some hot cocksucking phone sex this evening? I really look forward to talking you and taking you for a bit of a test drive, so to speak. Talk to you soon!