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You can find everything you need to get started on your erotic journey here. 

Steamy blog posts to entice and captivate your imagination (see below). A page dedicated to assignments & tasks awaiting completion. High quality audios to help sooth and relax you. My availability schedule, so that you can plan your next session with me. And of course, my Wishlist, where you can discover how to treat your mistress should you so wish.

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Is Cock Sucking Your New Obsession?

Why you're obsessed with cock Sucking  So often I get clients wanting to tell me their deepest secrets (yes confessional phone sex is a thing). And a lot of the time those secrets are fantasies that...

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The Art Of Cum Eating

Cum Eating Tips And Tricks For some guys, the thought of eating their own cream is a huge turn on, but getting the courage to follow through is another matter entirely. Here are my top tips and...

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Small Penis = Better Husband!

Micro-phallus. Tiddly wink. Man clit. The Houdini weenie. Men that are less blessed in the trouser department. This could cover a range of sizes but for the record I'm talking about those guys who...

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Pillow Humping

I have many types of instructional sessions with many different clients, but when it comes to pillow humping, this has got to be personal favourite of mine. There is nothing quite like commanding a...

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