Are you the kind of guy who fantasizes about body worship with a beautiful woman? Would you do almost anything to be allowed to worship at the bodily temple of your Goddess? If so, this post is for you.

I admit that I’m a little choosy about who I allow to worship my body. I mean, it is my body, after all, and I get to decide who’s allowed to touch it. But a little politeness goes a long way. So if you ask me nicely, I might consider allowing you to worship.

Choose Your Direction For Body Worship

Truthfully, I do enjoy body worship very much. It’s just that not everyone is allowed to worship me. So if I decide to let you, you’ll know that it’s a privilege.

If I allow you to, you can either start at my feet with some foot worship and work your way up or start at my breasts with some breast worship and work your way down. I enjoy receiving body worship in both of these ways, so I’ll even be gracious enough to allow you to choose which direction you’d like to go in.

Honestly, I just want to lie back and enjoy being worshipped by a skillful body worshipper. I think that would feel amazing right now. You could start with a massage with some luxurious massage oil. I hope you have strong hands!

Enjoying Worship Time

I rather like the idea of you starting at my feet because I like the mental image of you kneeling for me. You could spend lots and lots of time on my feet. I’d like to recline back and perhaps read a book, I think. If you’re good with your hands and mouth, though, chances are, the book won’t stay out too long.

If you work your way on up my long, sexy legs, you’ll probably get some more attention from me, too. I have specific ways that I like to have certain body parts worshipped. And I’m happy to share those ways with you.

Leg worship feels so nice, and it’s often an overlooked body part when it comes to worship. Guys love the feet, but then they want to hurry upwards to the ass almost immediately. That leads to them leaving out most of the leg worship they could be engaging in, and that’s unfortunate. Leg worship is a wonderful form of body worship we can both enjoy together!

Yes, We Get To Ass Worship, Finally

If you’ve done a good job so far, on my feet and legs, you may even be allowed to try some ass worship. I do expect you to take your time getting there, though. The journey is more important than the destination. Although my ass is a fantastic destination, for sure!

I might even sit on your face if you’re really lucky. But you’ll have to have done a really good job on body worship beforehand to earn that privilege. I’m sure you’ll work very hard to try and achieve my ass on your face, won’t you?

So if you’d like to have some fun with me with body worship phone sex, you can give me a call anytime I’m available. I love playing with guys who enjoy worshipping a Goddess (which I no doubt am). So now I’m turning it over to you guys. What’s your favorite part of a woman’s body to worship? Give me a call or leave me a comment to let me know. Talk to you soon!